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We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it’s worth investing in a bed linen that is right for you. However, there are so many factors to think about when choosing your linen, from thread count to fabrics, how it will need looking after and most importantly, how it looks on your bed.

Your bedroom says a lot about you and your style, making it a very important process when it comes to choosing the right linen. With a little help from our amazing new ranges, you will be well on your way to creating that finished look to your boudoir

  1. 1. Florals

floral. Springs top trend is in full bloom, so why not give your bedroom a little taste of spring and pick a beautiful floral set. Whether it be flowers or floral motifs, this linen will be sure to give your room an instant lift.

See our Harewood Print Pink Grapefruit set.

floral.. If the bold pinks and yellows of the Harewood set are a little too much, opt for a floral print in neutral tones, like our gorgeous Magnolia Grove linen. This truly will bring in the freshness of spring.

2.  Silvers

greys. This spring, it’s all about the pastel colours, so why not go for tones that are soft and cool. Grey is the go to interior colour, so it won’t be hard to find beautiful linen that works with your bedroom. Our Palm Leaf Jacquard Silver set, paired with blush pink accessories, will give your room that ultra feminine feel.

silver.. If a subtle grey print isn’t quite making the cut then look for something a little more similar to our Annecy Silver Jacquard bed linen, that adds a touch of glam to your room.

3.  Whites

  1. whites.1
  2. If you go by the motto, less is more, then our beautiful white linens will be the perfect pick for you. Opt for a white linen, that has a subtle colour for those of you who want to keep it neutral, yet still want that extra pop. See our Sophie Striped Hedgerow

Untitled-1 Or take a look at our White Percale set of linen, that will be just right for those of you looking for the purest of pure.

4. Textures

texture 1 Textured linen is a great equivalent to a statement wall. If you have a plain, neutral bedroom, adding a linen with texture will give you the freedom to run wild with colour and pattern. Our Josette Hedgerow print creates the illusion of texture giving you that perfect balance.

texture 2 For the brave and bold, this Alana Velvet Duck Egg linen will be sure to give your room that wow factor and will ensure you are making a statement when it comes to finding the perfect set for you.

With this beautiful selection, your bed will be truly spoilt for choice this spring.

Let us know what your perfect bed linen is this spring below or @LauraAhleyUK

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