Autumn Foraging For A Seasonal Display

Learn how to prepare your home for autumn with a little DIY lesson from the lovely Jodie... read more

Welcoming autumn into your home should be a something that consists of filling your home with warm rich scents and comforting accessories. So let’s see how the lovely Jodie from A Handmade Cottage dresses her home for autumn. 

Jodie Welcoming Autumn Many of us have a favourite season but autumn does seem to be a firm favourite for so many. It is such a rich and beautiful season and also fulfils many of our other senses too – bringing warmth to our bellies, our homes and our wardrobes. When the trees start to change to hues of amber and gold I crave slow-cooked stews, pumpkin soup, spiced apple and blackberry crumbles and hot coco.

Jodie Welcoming Autumn Then there are the clothes. I can honestly say I enjoy dressing for autumn more than any other month –  I love reflecting the seasonal colours- especially the warm berry and rusty tones. Have you noticed that when you mimic the colours of nature you seldom get a clash? Ok so it might not work every time but it often does. I remember reading that once in a book about designing patchwork quilts; the artist would take a photo of a scene in nature and then use all the colours from their scene in their quilt, and they always worked together beautifully! Clever hey?

Jodie Welcoming Autumn One piece of clothing I’ve always wanted for autumn is a duffle coat, so I was overjoyed with my new camel duffle coat from Laura Ashley. It’s incredibly warm while not being overly heavy as they often are, and the neutral colour goes with my vast collection of scarves and hats. I especially love the hood and toggle fastenings.

Jodie Welcoming Autumn The other thing that also feels the change at this time of year is our homes. We embrace all things cosy from our hot water bottles to our fluffy blankets. One of my favourite ways to decorate my home at this time of year is to bring the outside in, by foraging for seasonal bits and pieces for my mantlepiece.

Jodie Welcoming Autumn You don’t need to go further than the garden or local park to find hidden gems. Look for pine cones, pretty autumn leaves,  rose hips, dried thistles and dried cow parsley – all of which are ideal for creating a beautiful seasonal display.

Jodie Welcoming Autumn Depending on your style you can make quite a stylised display or you can do as nature intended and go for the natural rustic approach, simply scattering your finds as I did. I also included a few mini pumpkins from my local supermarket. (see our log basket)

Jodie Welcoming Autumn Don’t be afraid to add ornaments and candles to the arrangement too – my little wooden nature ornaments and toadstools blended in perfectly with mine. Just be careful not to put the candles too close to the dried leaves. Make sure any berries you’ve picked are out of reach from children and your furry friends. Happy foraging everyone!

Jodie Welcoming Autumn How do you like to prepare your home for the season? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK

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