Create A Shabby Chic Lavender Filled Heart

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Steal some time this week to fashion a vintage look for Christmas with this easy-to-make heart decoration. Stuffed with lavender, it’s a sweet-smelling, stylish accessory for any tree!


Materials Needed:


Fabric scraps

15cm length of ribbon

A selection of mother-of-pearl buttons in different sizes and colours

Dried lavender or polyester toy filling






1. Cut one pair of heart shapes from your chosen fabric (we made 10cm by 7cm, but you may alter the size as you wish).

2. Place the two hearts, wrong sides of fabric together, then pin so they are ready to stitch.

3. Fold the length of ribbon in half and pin the two cut ends inside the top seam of the decoration.

4. Stitch around the edge of your heart, using a 1cm seam allowance, trapping the ribbon ends in the process. Leave a 2cm gap open for stuffing.

5. Stuff your heart with lavender (or toy stuffing, if using) until it is full and firm. Sew up the gap in your stitching securely.

6. Take a hand sewing needle and thread with a double length of thread, knotting the end. Hand stitch buttons all over the front of the heart, mixing up sizes and colours, overlapping them and letting them run over the edges for a haphazard, vintage look!


The shabby chic heart in the main image was made by Laurel Waldron, sewing teacher at The Make Lounge.

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