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We catch up with Geraldine James- Author of book 'Creative Walls'... read more

Geraldine James started her career in fashion as a contemporary designer buyer, and from fashion she moved to home and gift. Geraldine soon developed a passion for collecting and finding the most unusual and beautiful things. Creative Walls is her first, but not last book on how to deck your walls with confidence and a personal touch…

Laura Ashley: How did you first become interested in arranging creative walls?

Geraldine: As long as I can remember. I love putting eclectic mixes on walls, it can be cheap and is very flexible

Laura Ashley: What finally inspired you to write Creative Walls?

Geraldine: I saw a gap in the book market and it’s something people always ask me if I can help them with.


Laura Ashley: Where do you pick up most of the things that you display on your walls?

Geraldine: Most of the things I have are a mixture of antique finds, gifts and craft markets. I travel all over the world so I pick things up at New York fares, and I love Japan. In the UK, I go to Kempton Market, Columbia Road and Spitalfields.


Laura Ashley: What is your most cherished piece, and why?

Geraldine: My most cherished piece is a drawing of our family dog done by my daughter when she was small, put into a frame I bought in a market in Florence…


Laura Ashley: What advice would you give to somebody wanting to produce their first creative wall?

Geraldine: The advice I would give would be choose something you love and let it emerge naturally from favourite things, remember you have to live with it.


Laura Ashley: What piece from Laura Ashley would you pick for a creative wall?

Geraldine: My favourite things from Laura Ashley are the Ridged Lacquer Frames. At £22, they are interesting and good value, they would look great with a mixture of family pictures in black and white and mixtures of art in different mediums…

photo frames


Laura Ashley: Finally, Geraldine, how would you describe your own home?

Geraldine: I would describe my home as very comfortable and an eclectic mix of items collected over the years, and of course with a huge collection of interesting wall art.

You can purchase a copy of Creative Walls online here

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