Desk Tales: Knits Jersey Senior Designer

An insider ‘show and tell’ of all the bits and pieces that represent us. read more

We discover the eclectic collectable and vintage finds neatly displayed on one of our top fashion designer’s desk…

1.Wonderwoman! She can do anything, fighting for her rights in her satin tights! She sits on my computer screen and always puts a smile on my face.

2. I love to collect vintage buttons. I picked these up from a local vintage fair.

3. I have a large collection of vibrant and unusual notebooks. I carry one with me whilst on the go to write down any design ideas.

4. Following my love of all things retro, be it a painting, a lamp shade or in this case a retro inspired mug that adorns my desk and holds my pens.

5. I collect and love vintage brooches, this was bought from a local vintage fair and is a coloured resin fox. Unfortunately I lost my first one and spent forever trying to track down a similar version. I had a face of delight when I found this one, it is firmly attached to my coat.

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