Get Creative: 3 Coffe Tables, 3 Styles

We invited our visual manager for home to style up three coffee tables in three different ways... read more

A coffee table is the focus of any room, so getting the styling right is a must. Long gone are the days where it was just a place to reach for your remote or cup of tea, the coffee table has now become a key piece of furniture in a room. We personally love changing it up every so often, so much so that we invited Alex, our visual manager for home, to style up three different coffee tables in three very different ways…



Table 1

Provencale Coffee Table Oak Top | Beth Photo Frame | Silver Plated Photo Frame | Darcy Spot China Cup and Saucer | Darcey Spot China Mug


The first coffee table we used was Provencale. This shabby chic style works well with pops of colour and pretty accessories. We love how Alex has added these decorative roses and can’t you just imagine how lovely a spread of afternoon tea and cake would look?


Alex says … “The first coffee table (Provencale) brings together the best of french style, with gentle curves and a delicate female touch. Cherry dots and pink motifs help to bring a soft touch and transform the room into a charming and elegant place. Roses were used as special finishing touch!”


Table 2

Dorset Soft Truffle Coffee Table | Set of Three Bud Vases | Cermanic Leaf Ornament


Our second coffee table, Dorset in soft truffle, would work best in a country home with plenty of wooden furniture pieces. Alex has used autumnal inspired accessories to create a cosy atmosphere, ideal for when the colder nights start to creep in.


Alex says… “The second coffee table (Dorset) was inspired by an urban cottage due to its shape, so I used rustic pieces to give it an edge. A different use for these bud vases, I added a fragrance diffuser with a warm scent to create a cosy atmosphere. The pops of bright colour and the check pattern also help to warm the ambience, making it feel like a cosy place to relax on a winters night.”




Table 3

Brompton Coffee Table | Storage Box | Decorative Mirror Tray | Hurricane Lamp Holder


A very simplistic look, this Brompton coffee table would look great in a smart modern household for those who like the minimalist style. We love the addition of the storage box to keep everything neatly hidden away and uncluttered (and you won’t misplace the remote!)


Alex says… “The final coffee table (Brompton) was inspired by classic lines, with highlights of glass, silver and mirror. These mirrors can be used to reflect the candles’ light, keeping the style bold and  elegant. This style is all about simplicity = less is more.”


Thanks to Alex for styling up these coffee tables for us. Tell us, what style is your favourite? Do you use your coffee table as a source of creative inspiration?


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