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Adding a rug to your home is a big decision and one that you really need to think about to ensure it suits the room it will sit in as well as provide the ultimate comfort and warmth to your interiors. Faced with a huge rug decision herself the lovely Bunty from Bunty Living shows us that sometimes all you need is a good cosy rug!

For some time I deliberated backwards and forwards over the idea of having a rug in our bedroom. And not just a little sheepskin rug that would move about between the furniture and floorboards, but a proper rug that could be used to break up the bedroom space.

Our bedroom happens to have exposed floorboards, which we’ve painted white and whilst I LOVE the way this nods towards a Scandinavian feel, I longed for that feeling of snuggling your toes into a soft and sumptuous rug as you potter about in the early mornings, or before bedtime.

Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’ll know I’ve been trying to infuse our bedroom with a sense of ‘hygge’, especially as we approach autumn and winter and I thought incorporating a cosy rug into this space would make a perfect starting point.

Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug It’s something I was so excited to try and so when Laura Ashley kindly sent me their Lewes rug in French Grey, I was eager to put it in situ and see whether it fulfilled the idea I had in my head, without dominating the (already limited) floor space we were working with.

Before I get into the placing of our rug, I HAVE to talk about our initial reaction to it. As soon as it was delivered, we unrolled it and ran our hands over the soft fibres. Let me tell you now, this rug is one of the softest I have ever come by, it feels so luxurious and to be quite frank, I was a little bit scared to begin using it properly just in case it got damaged on day one – that would be my luck with our little rascals!

Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug Now I know it can often feel a little risky ordering soft furnishings online as so often the colours are not quite how you expect them to arrive. We actually opted for the rug to come in the colour ‘French Grey’ as I thought the cool tone of the greys would sit well within the context of the rest of our bedroom. (We already have a lot of greys, blues and whitewashes, infused with pops of metallics). My hope was that the Lewes rug would balance the other colours and tie them all together and I’m so happy to say that the ‘risk’ definitely paid off for us. In fact, I knew as soon as I saw this rug that it would fit in perfectly with our overall scheme.

Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug After it arrived, we quickly moved it upstairs and shifted a few things around to position the rug in a number of spots. Ours came in the size 140cm x 200cm which I think fits the proportions of our room very nicely without dominating the floor.

Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug Bunty Living Grey Lewes Rug Using the rug as a boundary, I really wanted to break up our bedroom into two spaces; our sleeping area and then our ‘nook’ or ‘relax space’ where we could come to escape. It really works this way and I find the room has a more fluid partition between the lounge and sleeping areas because of the rug. I LOVE that it offers far more than just a cosy, luxurious space to spend time now; it really brings together the different elements of our bedroom space.

A proper rug in the bedroom is not something I would have necessarily considered in the past but now I wouldn’t look back!’

We love how snuggly Bunty’s room looks. Do you have a Laura Ashley rug in your home? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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