Homemade Gifts Vintage Style: Wallpaper Challenge

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As soon as we laid eyes on the inspirational pages of Sarah Moore’s book Homemade Gifts Vintage Style we knew she was a prime new candidate for completing our Wallpaper Challenge – inspiring our readers to think outside the box about what you can create with wallpaper (other than the obvious!). Sarah describes herself as a ‘self-confessed vintage-addict and mother of three’. She is also co-author of the delectable Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits…

Her beautiful book covers everything from making homemade jams + jellies, guest soaps and plate hangers to fabric diaries and layered cake stands…

When she isn’t dedicating herself to her publications she is crafting away, making and selling vintage inspired pieces at local fetes, fairs and Christmas markets. Oh and did we mention we want to be her?


Over to Sarah…

I am not sure that wallpaper should be called wallpaper any more. People are lacquering it to their floors, folding it into envelopes, wrapping up soaps with it and simply loving the instant style success that comes with it. And even some of those using it to cover walls are mixing, matching and patch‑working it across their spaces without a plumb line in site.

My real passion is for all things vintage and there are some fabulous old-fashioned papers that turn up from time to time. Over four million rolls of paper were sold in it’s heyday during the twenties as mass produced wallpaper and advances in printing methods put prices within reach of homeowners everywhere.

This years lovely new offerings from Laura Ashley fit easily with the old fashioned papers in my collection. And the day samples arrived from Laura Ashley HQ for the projects, an old friend turned up at my door with a box of early Laura Ashley samples found in their loft. Times and designs have changed, but they still sit beautifully together.

A pair of old cutlery trays from a thrift shop, bought for fifty pence each, looked in need of a make-over and are just the right size to achieve pleasing results in no time. New wooden trays like these are available from all sorts of places, but if you are using second hand ones, give them a good wash in warm soapy water and let them dry before you begin.


Paint them carefully in a couple of coats of acrylic paint and allow to dry. These ones use the great Old Rose paint, which looks just the colour of calamine lotion…

Then measure the areas that you want to cover with wallpaper and cut out the panels from your favourite part of the paper. Use a thin layer of PVA glue to stick down the pieces and press them into place, smoothing out any creases.  When they have dried, paint over the whole of the paper area in more PVA glue to add a little layer of protection to the paper. It will turn clear when it dries.

Polish up your cutlery so everything looks neat and tidy. Use your tray to store your cutlery or save it for summer to take just the right number of knives and forks into the garden for barbecues and outdoor eating…

Sarah’s new cutlery tray featuring our Serpentine and Elveden Cranberry wallpaper

Then, after you have leaned back in your deck chair and admired your handiwork you can ponder on what to do with the rest of the rolls.

To view Sarah’s wonderfully inspiring blog view here

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Good morning everyone… My mum is renovating her childhood room and can’t find a vintage wallpaper and is… stuck. I would love to help her, even surprise her..

Any suggestions where I can find Garlands F340 Rose Multi Stone 177478… help, anyone!!

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