A Simple Laundry Room Makeover

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Your laundry room is probably one of the most neglected rooms in your home, however, have you ever thought about transforming it into a space that you actually don’t mind being in? The lovely Fionnuala from Three Sons Later is here to talk us through how she has turned her laundry room into a space she loves.

The hashtag #createalifeyoulove is one I use a lot on Instagram. I’m not one for motivational quotes, to be honest, but this one has a particular significance to me. After my move to Germany, an old friend of mine sent me a present of a bookmark with “Create a life you love written on it”. She wrote in the card that when she saw the bookmark she thought of me and how I was creating a bright, happy life for myself despite the language barrier, the trouble finding a job and all that goes with settling into a new place.

Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories It is a sentiment that has stuck with me and I often find myself asking how can I turn a particular situation around so that I’m happier with my life. Most recently I’ve applied the phrase to the laundry situation in our house. We’re lucky to have a laundry room with space for a washer, dryer and an indoor washing line. The down side is that it is in the cellar in a drab little room. Not the kind of place one would generally choose to spend time in. However, given that the laundry needs doing on a regular basis, I spend a fair amount of time down in the laundry room.

Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories Recently, and with the help of the lovely people at Laura Ashley, I was able to spruce the room up and make it a space I am happier to spend time in. With some little changes and a sprinkling of prettiness, you can make a room a lot more appealing.  Here’s how I went about taking my laundry room from drab to… ok so not exactly to fab, but certainly to pleasant.


Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories This might sound very housewifey of me but keeping a room clean and fresh makes it far more appealing. With our laundry room being in the cellar, it can get very dusty. I’ve started keeping a pack of bathroom wipes down there so that I can give the surfaces a once over every so often without it becoming a chore. To freshen up the air I’ve started using some Fresh Linen room spray. In a happy coincidence, the pale blue of the bottle ties in with my duck egg colour scheme.

Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories


Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories While I’m not too regimental about the running of the house, I do like a structured approach and an efficient way of doing things. I like to keep the items I need close at hand and have a place for everything. This is where baskets come in handy. To keep the washing liquid, stain remover, wipes, etc. in order, I’ve been using two small wicker baskets that sit on top of the dryer.  To keep dirty laundry out of sight I use a new lidded, white wicker laundry basket from Laura Ashley.  Inspired by my new basket, I spray painted my small baskets white. Now, for the price of a can of spray paint,  I have everything in easy reach and looking neat and coordinated too.

Colour Scheme

Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories Having matched my old baskets to my new one, I decided to treat the laundry room as I would any other room and work out a colour scheme. The walls are blue and white, the appliances and baskets white. The iron is white and turquoise, the legs of the ironing board blue. So things weren’t off to a bad start. To tie it all together and give the room an overall prettier look, I decided to re-cover the ironing board and add in some artwork. For the ironing board, I chose the Lyla damask duck egg curtain fabric.

One metre was more than enough to recover the ironing board and I sewed the cover in the space of a couple of hours, using my old ironing board cover as a pattern. The fabric seems very durable and I love the romantic pattern.  A walk through the house threw up a couple of pieces of art work that would suit the room’s new look – once piece I created myself, another made for me by a very talented friend.

Fionnuala, Laundry Room Makeover, Laundry Home Accessories With all of those simple little changes made, my laundry room is a far nicer place to be than the dreary room it once was, plus I got to have a go at a couple of quick and easy DIYs, something I love to do. So you see it’s not that tricky to #createalifeyoulove, is it?  ( see these chicken print towels here)

Have you ever thought about giving your laundry room or space a makeover? Lets us know below or @LauraAshleyUK

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