Laura Ashley Memories Competition Round Up

A big thank you to all our customers who entered our Laura Ashley memories competition read more

We firstly wanted to say a huge thank you to all our lovely customers / facebook fans that took the time to dig out their old Laura Ashley photos and share their memories with us for our recent ‘Laura Ashley Memories’ competition. We had an overwhelming 400 entries into the facebook competition and we were so moved by all your incredible Laura Ashley stories around how our products have touched your lives in so many different ways. We spent hours reading through them all, with each and every one raising a different emotion. From laughter and amusement to heart warming emotion (you almost had us in tears on a few occasions). Your memories have been a true testament to 60 years of Laura Ashley and we can’t thank you enough for sharing them.

After much deliberation, our Laura Ashley panel of judges picked Elizabeth Blount from Scotland as the winner. We loved her memory and photo of her and her girlfriends all clobbered up in their Laura Ashley frocks for their friends wedding in 1990 and her reference to the ‘Hair Bear bunch’ really tickled us, not to mention the early 90’s hair!



hair bear bunch 620

Laura’s memory: “The ‘Hair Bear Bunch’ resplendent in Laura Ashley dresses at our best friends wedding July 1990. The day after two of us headed off on a round the world trip; 1st stop was the Far East where we sent a telegram to congratulate the birth of baby Nicolas who was the bump under the Laura Ashley dress!”


Huge congratulations to Elizabeth who we contacted earlier this week to let her know that she has won. She was absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to tell the other “Laura Ashley Models”! Her prize of a £1,000 Laura Ashley gift card will be on its way shortly and we’ll also be arranging for her to have a tour of our London archive when she gets back from her holiday.

For those of you that followed the Laura Ashley Memories campaign on facebook we really hope that you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with us and we’ll leave you with just some of the great memories we received along the way. If only we could include them all as there were so many gems…



memory 17

 “This is me on the far right in a gorgeous Laura Ashley dress that my mum made for me. The photo was taken at my Grandma’s birthday party with my brothers, sisters and cousins on 6th August 1971. Happy memories!”



memory 10

“In 1972, I won a Laura Ashley dress in a crossword competition in ‘She’ Magazine. I still have the telegram (yes,telegram!) sent to me by ‘She’ telling me I’d won £10 worth of Laura Ashley clothes, plus a box of Super Soft shampoo, making a total prize value of £12.30! I chose a full-length dark-brown corduroy Laura Ashley dress and wore it for many a dinner party. It was never quite the same after I dragged the sleeve through a pot of bubbling cheese while dipping my fondue fork (full length dresses, fondue parties – very 1970’s). After that, I cut the bodice off the dress and made it into a skirt, which I enjoyed wearing for a good few more years.”



queen memory 620

“My twin daughters, Emily and Lucy Blakeway were delighted to be invited to present flowers to The Queen when she visited the Wall’s Ice Cream factory in Gloucester in 1994. They wore their beautiful Laura Ashley pinafore dresses and looked a ‘picture’.I have also realised that I am wearing my Laura Ashley tartan skirt c.1983!”




“Hello Laura Ashley, Attached is a photo of me aged 10 wearing my favourite Laura Ashley dress at an Art gallery. My Mum dressed herself, me and my sisters in Laura Ashely throughout my childhood and I have followed the tradition dressing my daughter Ava also in Laura Ashley.”



memory 21

“This photograph is circa 1986, April 4th to be exact, on my wedding day with my dear Dad at the Bury Registry Office in Hemel Hempstead. I’ve such fond memories shopping for this dress with my dear friend Pauline in the St Albans branch of Laura Ashley. Sadly the branch is now gone, but not forgotten. This is one of my favourite photos of the two of us, made all the more special having lost both him and my Mum in January of this year: so definitely one to treasure. My 14 year old daughter also loves this photo and says how lovely the dress is: funny how she doesn’t say the same about my hair! 27 years on and both the wedding dress and the marriage have survived, fortunately the hair has moved with the times!”



memory 36

“This is my mum in her Laura Ashley wedding dress in 1973, when she was just 17 years old. I love this photo not just for the dress, but also the platform shoes, and the fact that my wonderful grandfather looks so young too (he died when I was little). Mum still has the dress, and wouldn’t part with it.”



memory 52

“How many Laura Ashley dresses can you get into one happy wedding day photo? haha! This is me and my gang in party mood at my 1989 wedding and I’m pleased to say that we still have as much fun together almost 25 years later!”



memory 58

“Here I am, with my Mum and big sister in 1991. We were dressed up for a Victorian fair at my primary school. My mum had made our skirts from Laura Ashley fabric especially.”



memory 59

“After having been deserted with a child to bring up in the 70’s, and headed for the highlands with my daughter, I thought I would never be loved again. This joyous picture is taken about 12 years later, when I had been found by a handsome man, proposed to on a mountain top, married and now pushing my baby in my 80’s Laura Ashley dress in 1993 a happy lady once more.”



memory 25

“I began shopping at Laura Ashley for myself and my two small daughters in the early 1970’s.The fashion collections have remained firm favourites with us all ever since.When one of my daughters married a French man and provided me with my first granddaughter we were all delighted. Little girls in Laura Ashley are so sweet.Here is Abigail Grace, aged 3, looking delightful in her beautiful Laura Ashley dress among the sunflowers in Provence.”



memory 9

“I first shopped in Laura Ashley when I was 18 and and have been shopping there ever since.When my oldest daughter Teri was born I decorated her bedroom in Emma wallpaper with Pink Candy stripe above the picture rail (not seen in the photo).The bedding was also in Emma and I made a large cushion cover, lamp shade cover and a shade for the ceiling.The curtains were Laura Ashley Nottingham lace panels. My daughter has left home now and reluctantly I have began to redecorate after more than 20 years of her lovely pink bedroom.” 



memory 11

“I remember going to buy these dresses with my little sister and mother for our cousins christening. It felt like a real treat, we had patent shoes, with filly socks on and we had to step into the dresses as they were fancy! The changing rooms felt so glamourous and cavernous, but then we were only our little ourselves!”



memory 12

“My lovely wedding dress came from Laura Ashley in Oxford Street. A very simple dress which made me feel fantastic… £180 and it was perfect. 24 years on and we are still very happy with two gorgeous teenage boys.”



memory 19

“This is a photo of my Mum in 1974 – eyeing up the yachts in St Tropez Harbour. She remembers buying it in a tiny Laura Ashley shop in Shrewsbury especially for her honeymoon and says she felt like a film star!”



memory 30

“My Grandma bought this dress from Laura Ashley in Chester for my mum to take part in the ‘Miss Teen’ Contest when she was 18. That was in 1976. This dress is 36 years old and still in good condition, here is a picture of me wearing it in 2013 and it fits me perfectly.”



memory 31

“Wedding Day June 1984 – in a Laura Ashley wedding dress (which I still have in perfect condition) … Dad gave me away … I miss him every day.”



memory 39

“My mum dressed me up in my Laura Ashley dress in the 80’s for Halloween. I wanted to be Goldilocks so she did my hair and I carried my bears with me. It is one of my most favourite memories from halloween as a young girl. I felt like a fairytale character in that dress and loved to wear it so much. I only wish I still had it now so my future daughter could wear it too.”



memory 40

“This is a photo of my sister and I wearing our Laura Ashley dresses. I am in a pink number and my sister is in the green spotty dress. I am about 9 and she must be about 5. So this must be about 1988ish? I am reading the tufty club story to her lol!”



memory 50

“I had this pretty Laura Ashley Dress in the 1950’s, it was new for Whitsuntide. This is on holiday in Scotland with my big cousin, I thought I looked so cool!”



memory 53

“I have owned and loved many a Laura Ashley piece of clothing, starting with a full length ‘Victorian’ blue pinafore dress and white frilled petticoat of which I was terribly proud, bought in the Fulham Rd shop in 1971, through myriad puff sleeved lacy blouses and frilled dresses with pie-crust collars, then a crimson brocade evening dress and a dusky pink strapless taffeta ball gown (still got them both, can’t bear to part with them!!), several favourite white cotton nighties and a fabulous dainty feminine cotton dressing gown I remember lovingly packing to take to hospital for the birth of my daughter Sophie, and which I wore for years till it literally fell apart (wish could find one the same now!); and this favourite skirt, worn here on an idyllic last carefree hols in Lanzarote with friends in 1982, just before I became pregnant. It’s a simple white flared cotton skirt with little sprigs of tobacco-brown flowers, and I still have it, because it brings back such happy memories of my once-so-slender matching brown limbs (a little thicker these days..!) and a great holiday. Like the other Laura Ashley clothes I have kept all these years, I still love it; I think it’s a testament to the lasting appeal and quality of Laura Ashley clothes that we bear these strange emotional attachments to them; they have been the background to so many good times in my youth, growing up AND middle age.. I still buy them today!”



memory 56

“I still have the receipt for my purchase of Wild Clematis fabric from Sloane Street store on 7 July 1979, when I was 6 monnths pregnant with my first daughter. Total cost for curtains and bed and cot covers for the nursery was £22.68! Fast forward to 2013 and here is my grand-daughter in her cot in Czech Republic under the very same duvet cover that her mum, aunty and uncle had all enjoyed. Fashion keeps on repeating itself and the fabric looks as fresh as the day I bought it.”



memory 27

“My daughter (a Laura of course…) recently flew home from where she currently lives in Singapore to choose her dress for her upcoming wedding this December. We had so much fun trying on fabulous bridal and mother of the bride dresses that it reminded me of my special day back in 1976 when I wore my wedding dress, accompanied by my best friend Valerie- both of us in Laura Ashley. It brought back so many fond memories of my day, we returned home I got my dress and veil out, and then sat together looking through all the pictures and talking about everyone’s outfits- a moment to treasure. This is Laura’s favourite picture, the one that she picked out- she looks just like me back then!”



memory 8

“August 1980, my husband Steve and my wedding. My beautiful blue wedding dress came from Laura Ashley in Nottingham. I loved the dress, we had a very relaxed country summer wedding. I picked my flowers from my mother in laws garden on the morning of the wedding. I still have the dress as a memory of a lovely day, the best day of my life.”


We hope you have enjoyed reminiscing with us and reading just a sample of all the amazing memories we have received over the last few months. Sadly the Laura Ashley Memories competition is now closed but if you have any more memories we would love to hear them in the comment box below! Thanks again to all the customers who entered and for being part of Laura Ashley history.

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I remember going to Laura Ashley to buy my dress for the primary 7 leaving dance.My sister Mandy had got her dress here a year earlier and I wanted a similar one.I chose a beautiful but modern black and white checked pinafore worn with white collarless puffy sleeve blouse,white socks and black wedge shoes.I felt a million dollars plus going to that dance.Once there my young teacher Mrs Higgins, made my night when she quietly took me aside to ask where I had got my lovely outfit.She looked well impressed when I said it was Laura Ashley, and I will bet she was right up there buying a pinafore dress for herself.!!!

I worked for both a Laura Ashley and a Mother and Child Shop for a combined total of 5 years and they were some of the best years! We were a close knit group of ladies who adored everything LA and many of us are still friends. I had upwards of 100 pieces of clothing, including skirts, dresses, sweaters, blouses, shoes, and accessories, not to mention cruise wear! So fun! I always felt feminine and pretty in everything I owned from LA. What beautiful clothing it was (and is!). I wish I had known about this contest – I have so many photos of good times in those dresses!!

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