Making A Rented Apartment A Home

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Getting a rented apartment to feel like home can be tricky at best of times. However, with a few pretty accessories and these helpful tips from the lovely Amy from Vintage Reflection, you will have a space you love in no time.

We rent our apartment in London, it’s airy and light; a really happy home, our living room furnished tastefully by the Landlord. The one drawback has been the bedroom, the décor is standard white walls,  with an uncomfortable bed.  I decided it was time to add our own personal stamp on this blank canvas bedroom. So having received the ‘go ahead’ from our landlord we went ahead and replaced the bed.  Oh, joy! What a remarkable difference this has made, such an improvement.

Vintage Reflection Rented Home The challenge one faces when renting a property is how to make the place feel like it’s your own.  We’ve been in our property for nearly five years now and just made do with our bedroom until now that is.  Pleased with our bed purchase we focussed our efforts:  the new bed emphasised the need to update the rest of the room.  Dave and I discussed décor, we wanted to add colour and put our own spin on the room.  We chatted with our landlord about decorating and thankfully she agreed, as long as when the time comes for us to move out,  if she doesn’t like our décor, we agreed to paint over it in white. No problem.

Vintage Reflection Rented Home Dave and I liked the idea of a bold grey tone and selected this charcoal colour paint for the walls; it really made the room come together and at last, began to feel like our own little relaxing idyll.

Next up was the inspiration for lighting. We checked out Laura Ashley for ideas and easily agreed on the look we wanted to achieve.  Once the vision was in place, a complete revamp of the bedroom was well underway. With the new bed in-situ, we selected some key pieces.  These beautiful touches brought a luxurious wow factor.  Not only are these pieces right on trend, they are classic and will last. We simply adore the wooden tripod lamp bases and instead of opting for lampshades we chose Edison style LED light bulbs, what a great retro atmosphere.  I find the contrasting wood textures pleasing; the warm shade of the tripod against the opulent, dark, indulgent bedroom furniture – it creates such warm rich vibes.

Vintage Reflection Rented Home I didn’t want to go too edgy so introduced softness through the bed linen.  We chose white bedding (although who knows how white it will stay with little Coco dog around?)  I’ve longed for crisp white bed linen and choosing a high thread count for the sheets adds to the elegance and comfort; they are so inviting.   The subtle border detail caught my eye,  it neatly ties in the grey décor. I completed dressing the bed by adding some existing preloved velvet pillows to the mix and what a result;  I never want to leave my bed again.

Vintage Reflection Rented Home This brass and mirror tray sits perfectly here.  It’s just the right place to store my ever-growing earring collection.  I was truly spoilt for choice, Laura Ashley makes room dressing so easy.  I think its safe to say that when it comes to earrings, I have a type. This little tray is just the right set up for beauty flat lays. The tray looks decadent next to my plants.  Oh yes, the plants, these are a new addition to the bedroom, we have some wonderful lush plants in our living room,  but hadn’t introduced them to our bedroom, until now that is. Having plants around our home makes me incredibly happy, plus I just love the colour and texture they create against the charcoal grey wall.

Vintage Reflection Rented Home Dave and I are artistic, so another way to make our flat feel more homely is having lots of artwork on display.  The prints are photographs captured by Dave, which we have framed. I picked up this bear print from Jim Bob Art. These precious pieces are incredibly personal to us and weave happy memories throughout our day, as we look around our room.

My final tip for making a bedroom feel cosy is lighting candles. Laura Ashley have a gorgeous selection, my current favourite is their Sweet Pea & Freesia candle, it’s only the best fragrance ever! Do check it out!

Vintage Reflection Rented Home I just love how our combined efforts completely change the feel of this room, there is nothing better than relaxing on your bed in your PJ’s, with the scent and flicker of candlelight, as you cosy up with your dog and settle down to read a good magazine. Pure bliss! (see the pyjamas here)

How would you make your apartment a home? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK.

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