Me And Mr Jones

Our beloved Mr Jones print is back in more ways than one… read more

When we asked our dear facebook fans which prints they loved most from the past we were bombarded with cries of “Mr Jones”. Do you remember the original from 1984? Along with the huge 2013 trend for geometrics transcending from the catwalks in to our interiors, Mr Jones was screaming out for a re-launch! Well the great news is, our home design team have listened and created. To celebrate our 60th anniversary Mr Jones has now touched down online and instore.

mr jones original2

The original Mr Jones print now available online here

We still adore the original navy + red colourway so much that Mr Jones has been relaunched as wallpaper in its original hues as well as four new fresh colourations: dove grey, duck egg, cranberry and gold. Which is your favourite?

mr jones print colourways

The new Mr Jones colourways: dove grey / duck egg / cranberry / gold

Part of our love affair with Mr Jones stems back to the memories we have of Mr Jones in our home back in the 80’s… Inspired by a mid-19th century design by Owen Jones, our designers especially enjoyed looking at these fabulous campaign styling and old photographs dusted off in the archive…


Mr Jones curtains, wallpaper and tiles (1980’s)


Mr Jones festoon blind (1980’s)


Mr Jones table arrangement (1980’s)

Psst… look out for the Mr Jones printed candles and mugs coming out soon…

mr jones candle and mug

You can shop the new Mr Jones wallpaper range here


I love Mr Jones. I have the original still hanging in my dining room, they were originally for my lounge in the 80’s. When we moved to my current house I had a dilemma as I still wanted to use the curtains but the room has 2 windows. I hung the one pair anyway but I couldn’t get more material anywhere – then luck would have it a pair of curtains in very good condition appeared on ebay and I was cheeky enough to get the winning bid, so with a little alteration they now fit. The remnant was made into a knitting needle roll to store my needles.

I have been a big fan of Laura Ashley since I was about 14 (1976) I was bought some clothes for my holiday. My first house in 1983 was decorated in LA,I made my festoon blinds from a LA furnishing book I was given and my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses were LA (1984).

Thank you for bringing back Mr Jones. I used this design and other old favourites in all the houses I have lived in. Always just right!

I still have Mr Jones curtains in my front sitting room, they are still as vibrant as when I bought the fabric 28 years ago, I have changed the lining though. I also have in the same room two sofas the same age covered in the Dobby in blue and the other in burgandy, a pure classic!

I was wondering where I can buy the cranberry mr jones fabric, I just bought the wallpaper but can’t seem to get the maching material! Any ideas? Regards Jemma

I had the original Mr. Jones in my foyer in my home near Detroit 20 years ago. My neighbor had his sister visit from London… she had the same paper in HER home! Now in a @ 1900 farmhouse near Chicago…where oh where can I buy more of my favorite ?

I love the navy Mr Jones wallpaper – my sister in law had this in her bathroom 25 years ago and I loved it then. I’m going to put it in my hallway but would like advice as to which plain creamiest colour to put above it?

Hi there. I’m going to be hanging the mr jones navy wallpaper underneath my dado rail but I wanted to know what the colour is of the background of it for the top of my walls? Would this be the same if I ordered it from Dulux or crown?

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. It depends which colour you are looking to bring out of the Mr Jones, we suggest the cream as it will make the room light and airy and look timeless against the classic print of Mr Jones. Hope this helps, Laura Ashley

I have been quite lucky in finding vintage LA fabrics online, and recently got 3 bolts of “Lyme Regis” color “Smoke”. I could use more… anybody out there? It is perfect with all my other vintage LA bedding and draperies. We have purchased an 1840 limestone house with enough cozy details to almost be the dream Cotswold Cottage…

Hi there, I have just removed the Mr Jones Wallpaper after 30 years because the wall need replastering. I totally adore the one with Blue & red background. I have found the wallpaper but cannot find the beautiful border that went with as shown in the photos above. Can you help? I can see nothing that would work with this beautiful paper.

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