Monthly Floral Masterclass: The Christmas Table

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I spend all year thinking about Christmas! I feel truly blessed as every year I get asked to dress some of the finest homes in the land for the festive season. It’s an enormous privilege and I take real pride in producing magical environments for truly memorable Christmases. Personally I love to include fresh blooms in my decorations, and this table arrangement is one of my favourite combinations. It may look daunting to start, but have a go and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous your table will look…

To start you will need (see images below)

  • An oasis wreath, ask at your local florist – we’re always pleased to help!
  • Approximately 6 white avalanche roses. Make sure that the rose heads are of good quality, you can tell this by giving the bloom a light squeeze, they should be quite firm.
  • Small white hydrangea heads
  • Eucalyptus
  • White spray roses
  • Pine
  • Silver or gold decorative vine – any decorations can be used but I like to keep the organic theme…
  • Hurricane lamp or a thick pillar candle on a sturdy base (see Laura Ashley’s hurricane lamp here)
Step 1

Soak the oasis ring thoroughly, cover with water and leave in a sink for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Once thoroughly soaked, take sections of the pine and push them firmly into the oasis. Keep working around in one direction and you will eventually come back to the start where the last piece of pine will cover the first, make sure that there are not too many gaps…

Step 3

The hurricane lamp or pillar candle should now be placed in the centre, so that you can work to scale…

Step 4

Firmly place the eucalyptus into the oasis making sure to alternate between the top and the bottom – try not to be too accurate with placing or the arrangement might look too uniform…

Step 5

Dot the hydrangea into any gaps that you can see in the pine and remember to alternate between the top, middle and bottom. Do the same with the roses, push the flowers in firmly and if any are too long, trim to fit…

Step 6

Add the spray roses, these should really help to break up any blocks of green that you have left.

Step 7

Finally, sparingly add your decorative vines but remember – you don’t want them competing with the beautiful flowers, so less is more!

For a finishing touch, combine a sprig of pine and any leftover spray roses together with ribbon and wrap around your napkins to create a seasonal but still glamorous table…Good luck!

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