Having to share a room with my brother

Siblings sharing a bedroom needn't be a hassle... read more

When children are young it’s often the case that they end up sharing a bedroom, so it’s vital that they have a space they can play in that suits all their likes and interests without imposing too much on the other little ones in the room. Faced with a similar dilemma the fabulous Karen from N4 Mummy shows us how she’s created a bedroom perfect her little girl and boy…

The logistics of having two little ones sleeping in the same room are complicated. Preventing either of them waking the other up has been challenging, and often involves rushing in and removing a child at lightning speed. That aside, there’s also the fact that one is a boy and the other a girl. In a gender-neutral age this ought to be easy, but they still have different tastes.

Laura Ashley Nursery9 Laura Ashley Nursery8 When I became pregnant with Daisy, I confess I went a little pink mad in decorating her nursery. I’m not naturally someone who often wears or even likes the colour, so I blame it purely on hormones. Then came two years later my little boy Laurie came along and I realised the room needed to change. So, I set myself the challenge of creating a unisex bedroom with the help of Laura Ashley.

Laura Ashley Nursery4 Laura Ashley Nursery3 Daisy is 3 and definitely has preferences. This blog post focuses on her side of the room, as Laurie’s has yet to be completed. When I started this project I didn’t want to revert to gender stereotypes. Yet when asked, Daisy picked the flamingo bedding and cuddly toy over the pirate or even dinosaur version. The flamingo cuddly toy has become her permanent sidekick, and she is over the moon with the bedding, calling it, ‘my mingo bedroom.’

Laura Ashley Nursery1 My main aim was to keep the communal items monochrome, and let the kids each choose their soft furnishings. To store toys and cushions I chose these oval kubu baskets. One is slightly bigger than the other and they are great size to chuck all the toys in at the end of the day, making tidy up time easier. They’re also very sturdy and have withstood Laurie climbing in and out of them. Although that is not something I’m encouraging!

Laura Ashley Nursey hero Laura Ashley Nursery5 The pom pom quilt is a favourite of mine because it’s fun and contemporary. It’s also multi-coloured, so gives scope for when we do Laurie’s side of the room. Our family lives in a draughty London Victorian terrace, so it’ll also keep Daisy warm and toasty during the winter.

Laura Ashley Nursery6 We bought Daisy a dolls house for her birthday, and I lined the walls with wallpaper. Laura Ashley have some beautiful wallpaper prints; it was a tough decision to choose. But Daisy chose the unicorns and their new Farnworth stripe. I’m a huge blue and white stripe fan as it literally goes with everything. I had hoped to paint the bedroom walls prior to taking these photos, but life didn’t quite work out like that. I’d planned to paint them a soft grey: an easy neutral colour. Yet after seeing Laura Ashley’s Farnworth stripe in the flesh, I’m toying with the idea of doing stripes, even if it’s just a back feature wall. What do you think?

Laura Ashley Nursery10 Laura Ashley Nursery-2 Karen Maurice writes a sustainable lifestyle blog at www.n4mummy.com and can be found mainly on Instagram @n4mummy

We want a room like this, even Laurie loves it!! Have you had to create a space for sharing siblings? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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