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The weather has teased us in recent weeks with a mixture of sunshine and rain (typically British!), but when the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be than the garden. The wonderful Anna from Blossoming Birds took advantage of the sunny weather with a fun family gathering including our amazing summer garden accessories! Let’s see her day out in the garden…

summer garden accessories The sun has finally decided to join us and it’s so welcome! With the long, bright evenings our thoughts have now turned to getting the garden tidied up and ready for a summer filled with family memories in the garden. summer garden accessories With 2 little girls we wanted to make sure that our garden is a pretty, colourful space. I have the best memories as a child in my garden at home, my mum pottering around, little wild strawberries and raspberries growing up the side of my playhouse and dad taking ‘full control’ of the bbq, the smell of the bbq coal burning along with freshly cut grass, to me, is the smell of summer.

My mum would have always had the handmade white linen table cloth that was passed down from my granny over the table, with a fresh, colourful salad and a little Pimms or white wine for her and dad.

summer garden accessories Isn’t it the little details and the most relaxed, sunny days you always hold on to?

summer garden accessories I really want my girls to have similar memories of their childhood in the garden and with the help from Laura Ashley we have been able to accessorise a pretty little area ready for garden games and beautiful summer BBQs.

We have recently got our garden landscaped, after 5 years in the pipeline (2 little projects by the names of Bella and Annie came in between) we love it and have many shrubs and bulbs planted, patiently waiting for them to flourish though I must admit my gardening skills still have room for improvement.

Next on our list was outdoor dining products so we can enjoy our dinner alfresco, what better way to dine after a long day at the office than in the garden, with the girls playing before bed.

summer garden accessories summer garden accessories On our garden chairs we have Laura Ashley Whitby Check Seat Pads that compliment the colour of our outside doors. I am now the proud owner of my granny’s linen table cloth and the Laura Ashley acrylic table wear looks so crisp and clean on top of it.

summer garden accessories There is something so lovely and also a little old fashioned about croquet and the wood mixed with pastel colours, what’s not to love!

My mum and I had some fun trying to teach Bella how to play, even though it seemed golf may be more suited to her. I know that we all will get many years of fun in the garden out of the set.

summer garden accessories We are trying to encourage birds into the garden, there is nothing as peaceful as watching them especially when sitting looking out whilst enjoying breakfast in the morning. We have added some feeding areas, a bird box and this beautiful white bird bath from Laura Ashley, hopefully we will have some lovely warm days to watch the birds cool down and splash in the bath.

summer garden accessories Getting evenings out together as a couple are few and far between when the girls are so young but there is something special about getting the girls tucked into bed for the night, bringing the monitor down and having a drink as the sun sets. The glass bottle lights with beautiful twine detail and the duck egg blue lantern is the perfect way to add a romantic feel in the evening, I can imagine them hung up around the garden when having friends over for bbqs, when you start to add the layers as we are still in the U.K, they will create a cosy, relaxed vibe.

summer garden accessories Summer, we are really looking forward to having you and the fun memories yet to be made.

Thank you to Anna for showing us her new summer garden accessories! Which one is your favourite? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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