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We all have the favourite room in our homes that we are happy to spend most of the time in and show off to guests when they come over. The lovely Cara from Within These Walls is no different and proudly shows off her newly finished favourite room, we think you’ll agree it’s a gorgeous room so we can see why it’s top of her list…

I know that it’s not good to play favourites with anything in life but when it comes to my home the living room wins hands down. It was the reason I fell in love with the house, the reason I begged the previous owners to remove it from the market (so we could sell to buy it) and absolutely the place I feel the happiest in when I’m home. It has lots of character including a large inglenook fireplace and beams, which meant I needed to be sympathetic when decorating.

WTW2 It has taken nearly two years to get to the point where I can finally purchase the ‘finishing touches’. The faffy bits. My favourite bits. It feels amazing finally hanging the clock, stacking the books that will never be read (books are to look pretty right?) and now we have hit May filling every vase with peonies.

I feel like I made some brave choices with the lounge and went for cream sofas, pale dove grey walls and cream carpets. Brave because we have two boys and two dogs that seem to leave piles of lego and mud wherever they go. You may also notice I have snuck some pink into the room against my husband’s wishes. But more about that later.

WTW4 I have really tried to choose carefully with this room. Choosing classic items that will hopefully stand the test of time. My favourite item and most recent addition is the oversized gallery clock. It has this amazing quality of being both a statement item and also very subtle. I’m not the type of girl to say that I have fallen in love with a clock but it certainly has my heart ticking a little faster. (If I can’t slip in one pun then what’s the world coming to!)

WTW5 As I mentioned earlier I have two young boys and the lounge certainly is a place they can always be found. Therefore I knew I couldn’t escape all the toys that come with them. I have a chest of drawers in the living room and these amazing water hyacinth baskets to store their toys in. To me, it’s the perfect compromise because at the end of the day when I tidy all the toys up the room will look pretty again. These boxes are the perfect size and I’m very tempted to buy some for the boy’s rooms too! You can never have too much storage options after all.

WTWhero WTW1 Having such a neutral room gives me the option to add colour and change things up to suit the season changes. I am currently loving adding a splash of pink now we are in spring. This blush blanket throw is the perfect colour. I am always snuggled up under it with a cup of tea once the boys are in bed. It’s just enough pink to make me feel like I have won the battle with my husband. (His aversion to the colour is exhausting!)

WTW3 It feels really nice to sit back and say the room is finished. Adding these final items seems to have brought everything together and to me, it feels like home. Feel free to come and have a look at some of my other rooms over on Instagram.

How cosy does Cara’s home look?! Do you have a favourite room in your home? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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