The Wallpaper Challenge

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The blogging craft scene is exploding and we’ve been feeling all inspired by the creative ways in which crafters not only use wallpaper to decorate their walls but how it is emerging as a paper for all sorts of wonderful and striking home features. Have you got some left over wallpaper from recently decorating the home? Or got your eye on one of our wallpaper prints but want to use it in a more intricate way? Super talented craft writer and blogger Clare Kelly of blog Pass the Pattern gets us thinking outside the box with our first installment of ‘The Wallpaper Challenge’…


The latest range of Laura Ashley wallpaper features some beautiful designs, so when I was asked to explore some creative ways to use it (other than the obvious of course) I was very keen to give it a go.


I chose three designs to work with: country garden-esque Martha Hollyhock, perfectly pearlescent Serpentine and beautifully bold Serena, all very different but all gorgeous.


It’s a Wrap

Patterned wallpaper looks great when used as wrapping paper, just cut what you need off the roll and use double-sided tape to secure. Here I wrapped some plain soaps and then finished them off with some recycled ribbon. I’d first seen the idea for little guest soap packages in the book Homemade Gifts Vintage Style and here is my take on it – it doesn’t take long to do and is a cute little touch for any overnight guests.


Framed and Fabulous

Taking an ornate frame and painting it a gothic black, I then chose a section of Martha Hollyhock and trimmed it to fit in the frame. If you live in rented accommodation and want to update your walls without upsetting your landlord, this is a great alternative. Choose the biggest frame you can and use wallpaper with a bold print. This design works well as it has the look of a watercolour painting.


Light Up

The downside of the beginning of the year is the lack of daylight hours but if you’ve got a lovely lamp, you will be more inclined to see it as an opportunity to switch it on and snuggle up with a good book. Updating an unloved lampshade is easy if you use a striking print like Serena. Perfect on the bedside table or even in the lounge.



Clare is a freelance writer and photographer and author of Pass the Pattern


Hi there. Thanks so much for mentioning the Homemade Gifts Vintage Style book. Country living magazine has published our wallpaper envelopes as a project this month too, and I have been making some of these out my old wallpaper stash from some vintage Laura Ashley strawberry paper. Thanks again. Sarah Moore

Hii I just wanted to share an idea I bought a batch end of the lilac colbolt and covered the inside of my boring white book case now it’s a unique piece… Thanks for the lovely ideas.. Meg x

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