Interior Guide: 5 Ways To Style Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, here's our handy guide to styling them all... read more

Home is where the heart is, which is why making it look as unique and personal to you is an important task. Often overlooked in terms of styling your abode, mirrors are an essential decorative piece that can help transform the look and feel of a room. Whether you’re looking to add drama or create space, or going for an antique or modern feel, a mirror goes a long way in helping a house become a home. Taking the task in hand, join us as we explore five key ways in which you can style mirrors in your abode…

Make a Statement

statementmirror Beth Mirror Rectangular

A statement mirror is a great way to add drama in your home. Add a focus point in your lounge by adding it above your fireplace or sofa. A great way to take advantage of this trend is to go for a gold or silver effect frame for a real wow factor. If your room is big, the larger the better. Treat the mirror like a piece of art. Can’t see yourself in it? No problem. This mirror should be all about transforming a room rather than a vanity piece.

Create Space

createspace Patricia Floor Mirror in White

That age-old saying that mirrors help create space is entirely true. If your room is small, adding a mirror can help to almost double the look of its appearance. Make sure the size is at least three-fourths the size of the wall in which your mounting it on to. If creating space is what you’re after, the simpler the mirror the better, and think rectangular rather than round. This way of styling mirrors is very popular in the garden as it helps create the illusion of a huge outdoors space.

Mix with Frames

frames2 Olson Oval | Sophia | Arianne | Rochelle

frames Set of 3 Hanging Mirrors 

Adding a personal touch with frames has long been a way to update your room. However, we’re loving the latest interior trend to mix these with mirrors. Create a feature wall by adding mirrors in a mix of sizes and shapes along with snaps of your loved ones. We love this look created for our Natural Glamour collection, a fun and unique way to spruce up your interiors. If you like this trend but want to keep it subtle, why not add these three hanging mirrors above your dressing table?

Fake a Window

LA_SS15_HF_S01_Mirrors_02 Selection of Mirrors

Why not reflect the outdoors in by strategically placing one to reflect your window? This instantly creates light and space, giving the illusion of a second window in your room. Go for a mirror that’s of similar size to your window, and ones with panels work even better!

Decorative Table

Try this idea for a truly unique way to use your mirror. Go for a light, full length mirror without a frame and place it on your dining room as a centrepiece. This fun way to use a mirror is great for when you’re hosting a dinner party or having friends over as it instantly updates your table. Set vases and flowers on and around the mirror for a real wow-factor.

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Absolutely love your website. The room sets showcase Laura Ashley products beautifully. Love the section looking at the heritage behind some of your prints. It is also great that you have a make and do section for crafters. However the best bit for me was the inspirational section – the name says it all! Well done, one of the best websites around.

It is from Laura Ashley but unfortunately, we no longer sell this item as it was initially sold a few years ago. It’s called the Adelin 5 arm chandelier.

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