3 Ways To Wear The Spring Staple Maxi

Joanne shows us 3 simple ways to style that tricky all time favourite maxi dress... read more

We all have moments where we have that one statement piece sitting in our wardrobe, which we just don’t have a clue how to style. Today the lovely Joanne from the Petite Side Of Style takes on one of the key pieces of the summer…the maxi!

This Spring/Summer, florals, ruffles, layers and maxi lengths, all in one dress, is the trend of the Seasons. It’s important to know different ways of wearing such a statement dress. Especially if you’ve gone designer, you want to be able to get your cost per wear.

Most importantly, it is a chance to have fun and experiment with fashion and not let yourself shy away from trying something new!

 Mules And The Maxi

3 For me the mules and maxi option is my favourite. Along with them being one of the key trends of this season, with the right heel height, they can make the perfect Spring/Summer outfit. Being only 5ft it also allows me to look a little taller in the long length dress too.

1 Mules don’t have to be high; you can also go for the lower heeled option. It just gives you a more dressed up look, which is perfect for a lunch or dinner.

The Shirt under the Dress

7 I found this trend on Pinterest and I love it. It’s such a simple style that really does transform your outfit.

8 Perhaps on a colder spring day, adding a layer underneath can be better than throwing on a coat. It keeps the outfit looking fresh and still spring like and will allow you to make that transition into summer with no problem at all.

9 The Jumper Over the Dress

4 This look is another one of my favourite’s and it’s a great way of taking the dress from Spring/Summer into Autumn/Winter. For those of you who like a more casual and comfy look, this is the option for you.

5 Keep to lighter colours and thinner materials when it comes to knitwear as we head into summer. However, for those colder, greyer days any jumper will do!

6 So when you are purchasing such a strong item for your wardrobe just remember it doesn’t have to be worn how it is shown, keep your mind open to trying new things and adding more layers.

Head over to Joanne’s Blog the Petite Side Of Style, for more fashion, travel and home interior tips.

If you have a statement piece that is tricky to style, let us know how you are working it this season, below or @LauraAshleyUK


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