Back To Work Essentials

Going back to the office has never been easier with our back to work essentials guide... read more

The holidays are over, kids are back to school and it’s time to prepare for going back to the office. For all of you who are suffering from summer blues, we are here to help as we have put together a little guide to make going back to work that little bit better so you aren’t filled with dread.

With a new wardrobe and some new accessories, you will be walking back into that office in style and with a smile on your face. So let’s take a look at what work essentials you should be thinking about this season to ensure you are ready to bring your A-game!

The Dress

Back To Work Dresses Probably one of the easiest and most fuss free staple, the work dress should be comfy and smart at the same time. Say goodbye to that reliable floral print chiffon, as we move into autumn we need to think about richer tones and texture. Think shape and silhouette so you have a slight structure, which will automatically make you look smarter.

Back To Work Dresses

When it comes to length, you can’t go wrong with a midi in the work place, so don’t be afraid to find a couple of dresses that you can add as permanent members to your work wardrobe.

The Top

Back To Work Tops A top is so versatile; it can instantly change your look with no effort at all. Pair with a skirt or trousers. You will need a few of these to make sure you are able to mix and match without getting bored. Again, similar to the dresses, you need to think about shape and structure, and let’s be honest a chiffon blouse or 3 never hurt anyone (we all need options, ladies).

Back To Work Tops

The Trousers and Skirts

Back To Work Bottoms Which one to pick? The answer is it doesn’t matter, go with whatever you are comfortable. There are so many working women who are rocking the trousers and skirts in the office so have fun shopping for these! If you opt for a pattern or texture pair with a plain top as you don’t want to fall victim to the colour pattern overload!

Back To Work Bottoms Think checks, purples and greys, as an alternative to the normal black.

The Bag

Back To Work Bags Finally, we get to the fun bit! We love a good bag and with work, you have more options than you think. Similar to the clothes, structure is always going to look smarter so look for grab bags and shoppers.

Back To Work Bags Pattern and texture can help elevate your outfit, as you can really rely on your bag to do all the work when it comes to your outfit!

The Stationery

Back To Work Staionary Last but not least, the stationery! Perhaps the only good thing about going back to work is that you get to deck your desk out in brand spanking new pens, notepads and all things fabulous!

Back To Work Staionary There are no rules when it comes to stationery, brighten up your desk with bold patterns and bright colours. With our range, not only will you be looking stylish, your desk will be too!

What are your back to work essentials? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK

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