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Poet and writer Jane Air show us her penchant for vintage Laura Ashley… read more

Poet, writer and vintage Laura Ashley aficionado Jane Air recently sent us some pictures of herself against her rural surroundings of Lincolnshire styled up in her Laura Ashley vintage finds. For all the vintage Laura Ashley enthusiasts out there this one is for you…


Where has your penchant for vintage Laura Ashley stemmed from?

I love all vintage clothes but Laura Ashley is a brand that tends to hold it’s vintage value particularly well compared to lesser known vintage labels. I adore the rural romanticism that the clothes capture particularly in the prairie dresses and the long Victorian milkmaid dresses. The botanical floral and sprigged prints of the smock and the tea dresses don’t seem to fade too quickly with age as all the vintage Laura Ashley clothes have been so well made. Laura Ashley used natural fabrics such as cotton, which not only lets the skin breath but also helps to maintain the survival of the clothes throughout the decades compared with vintage clothes that were created out of synthetic fabrics.


Tell us about the vintage Laura Ashley pieces that you own…

I own a blue Victorian milkmaid maxi dress in a size 14 which is a modern 12. I love the crochet panelling and the ruffled hemline and the fact that the cornflower blue of the fabric hasn’t faded too badly over the decades…

I have a ‘made in wales’ cream coloured crochet maxi dress, which I wore in the late spring of this year. It helped to create the dreamy, ethereal kind of look that I was after, as if I had been transported from another period in time. I wore this dress against a backdrop of overgrown cow parsley (see hero image) and also a daisy meadow…

1970’s white crochet maxi dress made in Wales. This image was taken Spring 2012 around the Lincolnshire East Coast.

As for the 1980’s, I like my floral cotton tea dress as it is cool and lightweight to wear in the summer months. It has a 1940’s land girl look about it…

This picture was taken at Sutton-on-Sea this year.

I have recently acquired a rose print smock dress with big sleeves and ruffles from around the 1970’s. It will be perfect to wear in an English rose garden…

Pink 80’s rose and bindweed print dress (bow at back).


How did you come to own your vintage Laura Ashley dresses?

I first took an interest in vintage clothes when they started appearing in charity shop windows in my home town. I come across vintage Laura Ashley dresses every so often in my local charity and vintage shops although, like elusive wild flower meadows, vintage Laura Ashley dresses are becoming harder and harder to come across.


What items do you like most from Laura Ashley today?

I like the poppy print linen shell top – it reminds me of a watercolour print; vibrant, bold and botanical. I also love the Hummingbird print crinkle cotton kaftan top as I love birds. It also looks cool and light to wear.


To view Jane’s full range of vintage garments visit her Flickr account.

Photographs taken by Luke Belecco Spring /Summer 2012


Do you have any vintage Laura Ashley? Did you know we have an archive?  If you have any old Laura Ashley items that you would like to kindly donate to the archive where they will be looked after and treasured please contact our archivist on 020 7880 5379



Just delightful! So nice to see early ‘Laura Ashley’ pieces still being worn and enjoyed and looking every bit as good as it did when it was brand new and straight off the peg. Keep up the good work, best wishes from a very appreciative fan of all things Laura Ashley.

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