The Little Blue Dress

We've got a whole new spin on the LBD so join the beautiful Bunty who is here talking all things blue read more

The lovely Bunty from Bunty Living is here to tell us all about the new spin on the LBD.

I love a good cult fashion trend, take the classic LBD or perhaps more commonly known as ‘little black dress’. I mean tell me, who doesn’t look every inch fabulous in one? So much is my admiration for this simple, yet foolproof way to nail style in one simple move. I have decided to adopt the LBD into my everyday wardrobe and give it a slight makeover in the course. Allowing me to introduce this rather gorgeous ‘little BLUE dress’.

These past few weeks it has seen more daylight than some of my all-time favourite summer dresses. 


I have been absolutely living in this all the whilst soaking up all the French vibes it offers. As I go about my day, happily imagining I’m walking through fields of lavender in Province. Can you tell I’ve been daydreaming much?!


Bunty Living The Little Blue Dress Fashion

When Laura Ashley kindly asked me to choose a piece from their collection my eyes were immediately drawn to this linen dress. Everything from the simple shape and Cornish blue colourway reminded me of that slower pace of life I long for in the summer. I think the shape is perfect in equal measure for days spent tending the garden or running errands in the sun. Picture a straw hat to accessorise and a farmer’s market to explore and you’re pretty much on my wavelength!


Bunty Living The Little Blue Dress Fashion

So far, it appears 2018 has been the year where I have fallen head over heels for linen. Regardless of whether that’s in the form of a decorative table runner or item of clothing. It just seems to be everywhere at present and I am indulging a new found appreciation for the fabric. The recent heatwave we’ve been enjoying has incidentally provided me with the perfect opportunity to test run my new little blue dress. To be quite honest, I can’t think of a more suitable outfit at present! 

Everything from the midi-length (which I just adore) to the A-line cut makes it quite a universally elegant and flattering piece. I also think it has a timeless quality to it that doesn’t seem age-specific either. I like that it doesn’t feel like a dress for any particular age margin. It’s quite fluid in that sense which I love, especially as I intend to keep mine for a long time!


Bunty Living The Little Blue Dress Fashion

 Just like the linen dress, I have been using this nude bag non-stop. It goes without saying that nude is a colour that will complement virtually any outfit, especially when we’re talking bags. What I perhaps love most about the design is the cleverly thought out interior which is divided up into sections for security as well as organisation. Personally, I love a handbag that has a bit of internal structure. Anything to eliminate the awful panic that ensues when searching like a lunatic for keys that have succumbed to the depths of a bag which still houses receipts from two years back. True story.

This bag is far from my previous nightmarish handbag encounters and I honestly have really enjoyed pairing it with different outfits. Experimenting with both the hand-held and cross-body options available has been great. It’s incredibly wearable and crucially offers quite a surprising amount of space inside. In fact, for me, this doubles up as a nappy changing bag which, I am certain was not on the agenda of the team who designed it- but if that’s not versatility then I don’t know what is!


Bunty Living The Little Blue Dress Fashion

 Style is such a personal thing. Which is why I love pieces that challenge me to think about fashion from different approaches. I’ve felt SO inspired by this dress to delve into the world of linen as a fabric. To see how I can incorporate more into my wardrobe this season. My mum always said that linen is a wonderfully cool fabric to wear in the heat. I never fully appreciated the truth in that till very recently. 


I think we all need to own at least one LBD in our wardrobes. Little blue (ideally linen) dress!

What do you think of the LBD? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK.

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