The Perfect Wardrobe Capsules

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We all love buying new things for our wardrobes particularly when a new trend emerges for the season but have you considered investing in a few key pieces that will carry you through from season to season. The lovely Cara from Within These Walls was keen to collate some wardrobe must haves herself so shows us what she’ll be wearing again and again…

I have spent many years trying to start a capsule wardrobe but the idea of having just a few items hanging there, all sorry for themselves has always put me off. I also have one of those short attention spans, one minute I’m excited by frilly sleeves the next I’m lusting over nautical stripes. In my mind, a capsule wardrobe would be all greys and blacks. Albeit perfect for the ‘what the hell should I wear days’ but what about those special days? Or just a day that doesn’t involve the dreaded school run.

caradress2 I spotted this Laura Ashley carnation floral shirtdress and if you didn’t already know, floral dresses are as fundamental to your wardrobe as the little black dress. It’s the one fashion item you can bet your bottom dollar will never go out of fashion.

caradress4 It has such incredible versatility and is absolutely something that belongs in any capsule wardrobe. Ranging from the special occasion dress by adding heels and a fascinator, to the festival dress with ankle boots and a denim jacket. To me, everything about this dress shouts weekends, picnics and gentle strolls around the Cotswolds.

caradress1 Luckily for me, the Cotswolds are just on my doorstep so I have a feeling this dress will be one of my forever favourite items. Apart from the fact that I am a huge fan of dresses, the way they are an entire outfit in one go and literally take minutes to pop on, I also always feel so much more confident when I’m wearing one. Some of that is down to the fact often dresses, and especially this one, in particular, are just more flattering for my figure. By teaming it with a navy cardigan and navy sandals I have managed to keep the look casual and to play it safe in our unpredictable weather at the moment. The cardigan is a classic and supersoft option for timeless layering whatever the season.

caradress5 caradress3 I have to say this dress felt completely out of my comfort zone. I am much more of a jeans and Breton stripe T-shirt kinda girl. So I’m glad that I tried something new and something I didn’t expect to work for me. I took myself out for my stroll around the Cotswolds with my picnic and of course my camera. The dress definitely had an affect on me as I was swishing around as I walked. I dread to think what passers-by must have been thinking! It was just the perfect outfit. The dropped hem at the back kept my modesty when stepping over styles and the lining meant I wasn’t worried about the dress being see-through. Funnily enough I had a lot of people compliment me on my outfit that day. Do you think they saw me swish?

Do you have any staple items in your wardrobe? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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