Summer Must Have Accessories

Our guest Blogger Mollie Quirk has picked out her must-have summer accessories read more

Summer is here and it’s time to pull out your accessories with the help of the lovely Mollie Quirk!

Hello, I’m Mollie Quirk from, and today I’ll be sharing with you my must-have accessories from Laura Ashley.

Being a lover of summertime fashion. The beautiful prints, the flowing materials and the most amazing accessories imaginable. It’s all about looking and feeling your best.


Today I’ll be styling up my must-have accessories from Laura Ashley. From bold and beautiful bags to dainty jewellery, dreamy scarves and cool blouses, your go-to guide for getting your look just right with the perfect accessories.

These beautiful pieces will work with any of the seasons, as all of their garments are incredibly versatile and easy to wear.

Must-have accessories from Laura Ashley are bold, versatile and classic – they will remain in your closet for years to come and they will serve you well.


Handbags are one of my favourite accessories – they complete an outfit while ensuring it’s teamed together and rounded off nicely. I’m really loving Laura Ashley’s cutwork style accessories as they add a modern twist on a classic garment. Their Tan Cutwork Grab Bag is perfect, especially if you’re off to a wedding, event or popping out for a coffee. This small and convenient grab bag that can go across you with ease sits nicely on your shoulder or sits on the crook of your arm, a must-have for this summer.

DSC09955 If you’re looking for a bag with a little more room and longer straps, then the Red Cutwork Shopper Bag might suit you better. In a stunning bold red shade, this beautiful shopper can fit a decent amount of essentials, including a beach towel – so if you’re heading down to the beach, you know this bag can be used with the utmost ease. It sits on your shoulder comfortably and looks classic and stylish. There is also a matching purse, the Red Double Zip Cutwork Purse. The purse is roomy, crafted beautifully and looks amazing when used alongside the matching shopper. Especially as I rarely leave the house without a red nail and lip combo!

DSC_0233 DSC00306


Elegant jewellery is another way of accessorising for summer. Although I’m a lover of statement jewellery, I do adore muted and classic jewellery too. A duo that goes perfectly with any ensemble is the Flower Charm Bracelet, and the Sterling Silver Diamante Flower Stud Earrings. These two gorgeous pieces teamed together look absolutely stunning, although not necessarily crafted as a duo, they team beautifully together. The small studs sparkle beautifully when the light catches them, and the charm bracelet looks far more expensive than it’s recommended retail price.

DSC00107 DSC_0213


Don’t you adore scarves? From silk to wool, viscose to cotton – there’s a type of scarf for everybody, every occasion and every outfit. Two current favourites are the Yellow Buttercup Silk Square Scarf, and the Mix and Match Floral Square Scarf. Yellow Buttercup Silk Scarf is stunning and looks amazing with most light toned outfits. It’s super soft so can be worn around your neck with ease, or even tied into a bag. Which is one of the best ways of adding a vintage accent to any outfit. The Mix and Match Floral Scarf is in a beautiful poppy red, which teams so well with the red shopper and purse. I love wearing it around my neck, draped over my shoulders, as a belt or tied neatly onto a bag.

DSC00336 Teamed with all of the above accessories are two beautiful blouses by Laura Ashley. Each from their Archives collection. A collection which uses vintage prints from their archives to create classic new styles with a modern twist. I’m wearing the Linen Floral Toile Print Tie Neck Blouse, and the Floral Lace Detail Tunic. Both blouses have the most stunning prints, gorgeous fits and amazing detailing. They team with so many gorgeous accessories and look amazing with a pair of jeans.

DSC00279 DSC00142 Really hope this has inspired some of your summer accessory choices for the coming summer months. Let us know what your favourite summer accessories are.

DSC09974 What was your favourite accessory Mollie Picked out? Let us know@lauraashleyuk or #lauraashley

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