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Every year there are always great Christmas party clothes on sale for both adults and kids and it’s very tempting to go for the most fantastic, spangley dress for both yourself and your little one – after all, this is a time for celebration. But when I’ve done this in the past, I find that I don’t have occasion to wear the outfit as often as I’d like to and it can end up languishing in the wardrobe unworn. The same is true for my daughter because a beautiful party dress seems too good for everyday.

So this year I’m looking for an outfit that can look equally as fabulous at a party as it would on a trip to the park or playgroup. Not only can my daughter and I enjoy wearing the clothes more but it certainly decreases the cost-per-wear factor, which means I’ve got value for money too.

Carnation Print Cotton Tunic Dress

I chose this Carnation tunic dress for myself because the darker colour palette can easily be made to look formal and dressy, especially with tights and some sparkly accessories. However, I know I could easily dress it down with a long-sleeved coloured top underneath plus leggings and boots/trainers. I could also see myself wearing it with sandals next summer or even to a wedding with a pretty wrap/cardigan.

Girls Pink Tiered Tutu Skirt, Fairtrade Cotton Button Trim Top

Likewise, each piece of my daughter Florence’s outfit could be mixed and matched with her other clothes for everyday wear. A tutu skirt always has the ‘wow’ factor and this is exactly the word she used (repeatedly) when I put her in it. But I think this skirt would also look cute with a jumper and wellies and when it eventually gets a little tired looking we can still use it for playing dress-up as a ballerina or fairy. The leggings are eternally useful as is the comfy top, which has pretty buttons to add a bit of sparkly decoration.

There you have it: two gorgeous party looks; lots and lots of everyday outfits.

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Beautiful! I’m putting the Carnation tunic dress top of my wish list, even though I could never hope to look anywhere near as fabulous as Kathryn in it. (I’d try the tutu too if it was in my size 😉 You both looks adorable xx

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