Zoes’s Autumnal Transition

Autumn is on its way so it's time to change up those wardrobes... read more

As we hit mid-September and know this heatwave isn’t going to last forever, we need to start looking ahead to our new Autumn wardrobes! With our Free Spirit and Heirloom collections, you’ll be sure to be on-trend and looking great this season! We asked Zoe from Boho Mixology to give us her thoughts on some of the pieces from the collections…

It’s that time of year again where you can feel the shift in the air, looking around you can see peeks of summer starting to leave and even warm days have a bit of a crisp feeling to them. Autumn is on its way!

I always see summer as the fun loving season which is filled with new adventures and the excitement of “what will we do next?” Autumn however is the season where all our much loved rituals come back into play, things start to mellow, we get into that cosy and comforting mode.

One of my favourite rituals for this time of year is blackberry picking! We love nothing more than heading out to the woodland trail to collect these little gems, plus the reward is a big blackberry and apple cobbler when we get home (if all the blackberries aren’t eaten before then).

Zoe 3 While we are in this middle ground between the two seasons I don’t really want to say bye to my summer wardrobe just yet. I love pieces that can be layered up and still worn until the weather really turns.

The beautiful Lace Insert Blouse from the Heirloom collection is such a perfect top to wear for warmer days because it is so light and floaty and has some gorgeous details, but once it’s layered up with something like the Boiled Wool Gilet it becomes cosy and you’re completely autumn ready!

Zoe 4 What I loved about the gilet was how lightweight it was considering it was long and woollen, so it’s perfect for popping into your bag should you need to. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just a pretty piece, the gilet is super warm and cosy and will no doubt see you right through the autumn and winter months.

Zoe 2 One last item I love for any season is a scarf or pashmina because let’s be honest they have hundreds of uses and take up no space. From a blanket to lay on, to wrap around to keep out the chill they are so versatile. My current daily go to is the autumn rose floral, with its gorgeous rusty and earthy colours it’s such a simple way to transition your wardrobe.

Zoe 1 Thank you so much to Laura Ashley for creating such a lovely collection and for letting me try out a few of the items!

Ah, we think Zoe’s autumn styling is fabulous! What do you think? What will you be wearing this autumn? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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