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Crafty bloggers Hannah and Rosie show us to how to make our very own Christmas stockings... read more

With the final Christmas preparations crossed off our to-do list, there’s only one thing left to do.. hang our Christmas stockings! One of our favourite festive traditions, who doesn’t love waking up on Christmas morning and rushing to discover what delights Father Christmas has left? Whether they are hung on the end of your bed or neatly above the fireplace, this year we decided to make our very own stockings. Inviting the very talented crafting duo Rosie and Hannah from The Craft Society to show us how…


We strongly believe that if you don’t have a stocking, you don’t get presents. That’s how it works, right?! Not only are stockings great for stuffing with presents, they also make pretty Christmas decorations to hang by the fire throughout December. We thought we’d have a go at making our own Christmas stockings this year and found them surprisingly simple. It’s also really easy to customise them; you could embroider a name or initial on one to personalise it for a gift.

Using some of the beautiful Laura Ashley furnishing fabrics for our stockings it worked perfectly, we love how the cranberry velvet and floral print work together to look both festive and modern.



You will need:

  • Villandry Cranberry Velvet, about half a metre should be fine depending on the size of stocking you want,
  • Alternative fabric for the cuff, we used the Ironwork Scroll in Cranberry.
  • Tailor’s chalk,
  • Pom-pom trim,
  • Fabric scissors,
  • Roughly 20cm of ribbon.


1. Fold your velvet fabric in half with the right sides together and use tailor’s chalk to draw out your stocking shape. It can be quite tricky to perfect but using photos for guidance helps.

2. Cut out your stocking shapes so you end up with two pieces.

3. Cut two squares of your alternative fabric the same width as the top of your stocking pieces.

4. Cut two pieces of your pom-pom trim the same length as the side of your square.

5. Turn up an inch hem on one side of each of your squares and pin your pom pom trim along the wrong side of the hem.

6. Sew along this turnup to create the hem and secure the pom-poms in place.

7. Hem another 1 inch seam along the opposite side of each of the squares.

8. Layer your cuffs and stocking fabric pieces together. Fold the cuffs in half around the top of each stocking piece (pom-poms on the right side) and pin, then lay the stockings right sides together. Pin all of the pieces together.

9. Hem around your stocking with a quarter inch seam leaving the top open.

10. Trim and snip your seam, then pull right side out.

11. Fold your ribbon in half then sew it in place so you can hang your stocking!


We’d love to see your Christmas stockings – tweet us @newcraftsociety or find us on Instagram!


With a stocking as beautiful as Rosie and Hannah’s creation, there certainly won’t be a lump of coal waiting to be discovered, surely only sweet treats! Don’t forget to bookmark The Craft Society to keep up to date with the girl’s next make & do project.

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