No Sew Curtains With R&B Design

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The talented ladies at R&B Design are back again to show us that making your own curtains needn’t fill you with fear. Their step by step guide to making your own no sew curtains is definitely worth a read if you are after your very own bespoke home made curtains and what’s more, they’re easy to make…

We all want to make our own creative mark on our spaces. But how about if you are desperate to use a must have fabric for curtains but lack those oh so necessary sewing skills. You’ll love this quick and so chic no sew curtain solution from R&B, Craft Queens, makers extraordinaire.

You will need:


1. Put the curtain hooks onto the pole, and then measure from the jaws of the clips down to the floor. Add 10cm to the length and cut the fabric. Cut the selvedge off the side of the fabric.

1 Laura AShley curtain copy 2. Use the water erasable pen and ruler, to mark the fabric with a 5cm turn in on all sides.

2 Laura Ashley curtain copy 3. Measure the fusible bonding web into 5cm strips.

3 Laura AShley curtain copy 4. Cut the fusible bonding web into strips.

4 Laura Ashley curtain copy 5. Iron fusible bonding web strips along the outside edges of the curtain fabric.

5 Laura Ashley curtain copy 6. Remove the paper-backing strip from the fusible bonding web.

6 Laura AShley curtainFullSizeRender-9 copy 7. Fold all the curtain edges in by 5 cm, crease the folds at the corners.

7 Laura AShley curtain copy 8. To mitre the corners for a neat finish unfold the fabric at the corners. Fold in the point of the corner, crease 0.5cm above where the finished corner will be.

8 Laura AShley curtain copy 9. Cut the spare triangle of fabric along the fold line.

9 Laura Ashley curtain copy 10. Fold the sides in and press with the iron so the fabric adheres. At the corners fold in one corner then fold the other on top for a neat finish.

10 Laura Ashley curtain copy 11. To hang the curtain, clamp the top finished edge of the curtain fabric between the jaws of the clips.

11 Laura Ashley curtain copy Curtain Don’t these no sew curtains look fantastic. Do you think you’ll be giving these a go at home? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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