Soumya’s DIY Statement Necklace

Ever made a necklace out of wallpaper and decorating accessories? Soumya has... read more

We love a bit of DIY and getting crafty and what better than using some Laura Ashley wallpaper? We never thought of the idea of making a necklace using decorating accessories, but Soumya is way ahead of the game! Her creativeness shines through her blog Made By Molu and this is what she got up to…

If you love your flamboyant accessories and all for making a statement then this may be the DIY for you. It’s a perfect and daring way to stand out from the crowd at any event and all you need are wallpaper and curtain tiebacks!

1. A selection of floral/tropical themed wallpaper
2. Curtain tie backs
3. Embellishments (stickers, buttons, beads, gems)
4. Card (at least 1mm thick)
5. Cutting mat
6. Scalpel or stanley knife
7. Glue sticks + glue gun or extra strong UHU or BOSTIK glue


[STEP 01] roughly cut around your desired floral patterns and motifs, leaving at least half a CM around them.

Soumya 10 [STEP 02] To ensure your motifs are firm pieces for later, you will need to stick all your cut-outs down onto a sheet of card, using glue sticks. Try and fit as many on a sheet to avoid any wastage. Once they have been all stuck down, place a few heavy books on top of them and leave aside for 5 minutes.

Soumya 8 [STEP 03] Now, take those cards and carefully cut around all your patterns – this time, going tightly around the edges so they are defined. You may need to change the blades occasionally to get those crisp neat edges.

Soumya 11 [STEP 04] After you’ve cut all your pieces out, lay them all out on your table and figure out the overall design layout of your necklace just so that you are certain of what you envisage before sticking it onto the tiebacks. Roughly place them on the curtain tiebacks to get an idea of how they would sit and look. You may find that some elements don’t work well and scrap them like I did with the large leaf elements. Also, as you can see here, I have gone for a layered relief look to add more depth and drama to your necklace.

Soumya 6 [STEP 05] Once you have finalised your design, take each piece and stick it down onto the curtain tiebacks. For any pieces that are to be layered on top, you can affix some packers out of card/cardboard as seen here.

Soumya 5 And there you have it… a large statement necklace that would totally transform your look for any special event. It could even perhaps be key bridesmaid accessories or the halter neck detail of their dresses! Just take your imagination and run with it! 🙂

Soumya 13 Soumya 1

Wow! How great do these statement necklaces look?! SO creative! Have you made anything using Laura Ashley products? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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