Bay Window Pole Buying Guide

Bay Window Pole Buying Guide

Poles for Bay Windows

Our exclusive bay pole range allows you to select individual components to fit into the unique angles of your bay window

  • Choose from 2 metal finishes
  • Suitable for light to mid weight curtains
  • Delivery usually within 2-3 weeks (UK and Northern Ireland)

Components required:

  • 2 x flexi poles, 2 x end brackets,
  • 1 x central bracket,
  • 2 x passing brackets,
  • 2 x finials, 1 x passing ring every 10cm,
  • 4 x standard rings plus poles to fit your window dimensions,
  • 3 x 180cm poles in example given here

1) Simply select your poles according to the measurements within your bay window. 3 pole lengths are available, as well as 2 diameters, including our NEW 2.8cm option. Poles can be easily cut to size or joined with a connector to form longer lengths if required.

2) Select your brackets as follows:

  • 1 end bracket should be fitted at each end of the bay pole.
  • 1 central bracket should be fitted in the middle of the main central pole.
  • Passing brackets should be fitted at intervals to provide intermediate support and allow passing rings to pass freely along the pole (please see diagram).


3) Select your curtain rings to the following recommendations:

  • 1 ring for every 10cm of pole.
  • Standard rings are required at both ends of the pole (2 each side).
  • Passing rings should be placed across the rest of the pole.

4) Choose your finials.

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