Bedlinen Buying Guides

Bedlinen Buying Guides

Available in

Laura Ashley bedlinen is available in:

Different fabrics and thread counts

  • 'Thread count' refers to how many threads there are, per square inch of fabric
  • The higher the thread count, the crisper, smoother and more luxurious the feel of the fabric.
  • Pencale describes a tighter cotton weave and can be any thread count above 180.

Various fibres

  • Pure cotton: cool, crisp and luxurious
  • Polyester mixes: low maintenance, with fewer creases, easy ironing and rapid drying
  • Linen - has a more textured feel and is cool and absorbent

Different styles

  • Printed - the design is printed onto the fabric
  • Jacquard - the design is woven into the fabric, using a jacquard loom
  • Woven stripe/check - The design is woven into the fabric using a mechanised loom
  • Embroidered - Beautiful and delicate, made using hand guided and machine embroidery

Size guide

Bedlinen Size Guide

Duvet Covers
Single 137cm x 200cm 54 inches x 79 inches
Double 200cm x 200cm 79 inches x 79 inches
King 230cm x 220cm 94 inches x 87 inches
Super King 260cm x 220cm 102 inches x 87 inches

Pillow Cases
Housewife 50cm x 75cm 20 inches x 30 inches
Oxford (with flange) 50cm x 75cm 20 inches x 30 inches

Style notes:

  • Housewife Pillowcase – standard size, where the pillow fills all of the fabric
  • Oxford Pillowcase – for added impact and elegance, this features a wide flat stitched flange around the perimeter.


  • Follow the specific care labels sewn into the product
  • Use detergents that are suitable for the specific product – ie Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) are designed to maintain white fabrics so avoid using detergents containing these for anything other than plain white dye.
  • Ensure that the washing machine is never more than 2/3 full to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning
  • Remove bedlinen from tumble drier as soon as it is dry, or it will become more creased and difficult to iron
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