Duvets & Pillows Buying Guides

Duvets & Pillows Buying Guides

Duvet Types

Duvet Types
Natural fillings are luxurious and, with the right care, will last for many years, therefore offering excellent value for money

White Hungarian Goose Down

  • Warmth without weight
  • Larger down clusters achieve high tog rating without bulk
  • Drape beautifully offering maximum comfort and snuggle factor
  • Comes with 15 year guarantee

Goose Down

  • Offers luxury at a lower price point than the White Hungarian Goose Down
  • Comes with a ten year guarantee


  • The closest feel to a natural filling offered by a synthetic product
  • Good option for those sensitive to natural fillings
  • Drape around the body nicely

Tog Rating

4.5 Tog Ideal for summer use
10.5 Tog Ideal for spring and autumn use
13.5 Duo Tog Includes a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog that can be used either individually or simply buttoned together for extra warmth in winter.

Pillow Types

Consider the position in which you sleep when choosing a pillow.

Feather and Down

  • Provides support with degree of softness
  • Resilient and long lasting
  • Excellent value for money

Hungarian Goose Down

  • Best option for those for whom softness is priority

Goose down surround

  • Offer support and softness.
  • Three degrees of firmness

Soft - Hungarian Goose Down
Medium - white goose down surround and microfibre
Medium/firm - White duck feather


  • Children aged 10 and under do not regulate their body temperature in the way that an adult does, so a low-tog duvet is the best and safest option
  • We recommend a 4.5 tog duvet
  • Babies must be over the age of 12 months before sleeping with a duvet or pillow

Cleaning & Care

Natural Duvets

  • Machine washable
  • Due to size will usually need to be taken to professional launderer
  • Do not dry clean
  • Dry naturally or in tumble dryer
  • Ensure thorough drying to avoid %u2018clumping%u2019 of filling
  • Shake regularly during drying process to keep the filling loose
  • Shake and air regularly when in use
  • Please read and follow specific care instructions on the product label

Microfibre Duvets

  • Again, professional laundering is recommended due to size
  • Tumble dry without delay
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Shake and air regularly
  • Do not dry clean


  • Natural pillows are machine washable
  • Because the fillings are denser than a duvet, take extra care when drying
  • As with duvets, we recommend professional laundering
  • Plump up regularly for best feel and shape.

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