Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers

Our selection of beautiful ceiling lights and chandeliers offer up new and exciting, as well as timeless and traditional, ways to brighten up your home.

Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers

Whether it's for an entrance hall, sitting room, dining room or kitchen, the right lighting adds style as well as illumination. Choose from gorgeous cut glass chandeliers to add glamour and sparkling radiance, as well as period candlestick-styles. Our pendant light selection includes dome, glass and lantern styles, as well as industrial and 1950s-inspired metal designs. Porcelain leaf detailing, intricate cut-out lampshades, and droplet beading add interesting ways to play with light.

Using materials like cut, clear and frosted glass, antique brass, rope, wood and porcelain, as well as fabric shades, our lighting options are diverse, imaginative and beautifully crafted. Rise and fall pendants allow you to pull lighting closer when you need it. Easy-fit pendants are simple to fit in seconds.

Whether it's to dazzle in the dining room, create a relaxing glow in the bedroom, or add a focal point to the living room, our ceiling lights help you express your personal style. For more illuminating inspiration, take a look at our full decorative lighting range and lighting accessories too.