How to Measure


Place tape measure loosely under the arms (over the shoulder blades) around the fullest part of the chest.


Measure around the natural waist keeping the tape measure slightly loose.


Measure around the fullest part of the bottom at the top of the leg about 20cm (8") below natural waistline.

Length measurements

Dress lengths are taken from the back neck (nape) to the hem. Skirt lengths are from under waistband to the hem. Trouser lengths use the inside leg measurement.

S - XL Size Guide

Size Height Bust Waist Hip
S (8-10) 167cm 83cm - 88cm 64cm - 69cm 90cm - 95cm
M (12-14) 167cm 93cm - 98cm 75cm - 80cm 100cm - 105cm
L (16-18) 167cm 104cm - 110cm 86cm - 92cm 111cm - 117cm
XL (20) 167cm 116cm 98cm 123cm

8-20 Size Guide (German sizing in brackets)

Size 8 (34) 10 (36) 12 (38) 14 (40) 16 (42) 18 (44) 20 (46)
Height 167cm 167cm 167cm 167cm 167cm 167cm 167cm
Bust 83cm 88cm 93cm 98cm 104cm 110cm 116cm
Waist 64cm 69cm 75cm 80cm 86cm 92cm 98cm
Hip 90cm 95cm 100cm 105cm 111cm 117cm 123cm

Women's Shoe Sizes

EU 37 38 39 40
UK 4 (Small) 5 (Medium) 6 (Medium) 7 (Large)

Women's Belt Sizes

Size Small Medium Large
Waist 72cm 82cm 94cm


Size Height Chest Waist
2y 92cm 54cm 48cm
3y 94cm 56cm 50cm
4y 102cm 58cm 52cm
5y 104cm 60cm 52.5cm
6y 108cm 62cm 53cm
7y 114cm 64cm 54cm