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Gift List

How does it work?

Create your very own Gift List with Laura Ashley for any event. Just follow the simple step-by step process below.

  1. First you need to register with us online.
  2. Then you can create as many Gift Lists as you like by following the links on the Gift List page. You will also be able to notify fiends of your Gift List by email.
  3. Your family and friends then buy gifts from your Gift List online by logging on with your unique Gift List ID and password.
  4. As soon as a gift has been bought it will automatically be removed from your Gift List to avoid duplication.
  5. As the event gets closer you can continue to manage your Gift List, checking who has bought what and you will also have the option to add more gifts if you need to.
  6. We will either deliver the goods directly to yourself or you can choose for the guests to receive their orders. All orders/items are shipped immediately when purchased from the Gift List.