Duvets and Pillows

Our duvets and pillows offer all you need for a great night's sleep. Here you'll find a wide selection of warm or light togs to suit your needs and a choice of soft, medium and firm pillows to maximise your comfort and support your back while you sleep. High quality, soft and breathable, our natural filled ranges are made from feather and down, responsibly and ethically sourced from ducks or geese. Alternatively, for those with allergies relating to feather and down, our hypo-allergenic microfiber ranges are the perfect choice and are washable for complete convenience. Soft, warm and luxurious, you'll find the perfect match for your bedroom here.

Duvets & Pillows

For single, double, king and super king size beds, our duvet range offers superior comfort in a selection of tog ratings so you can achieve the level of warmth that you need. Choose goose down for the ultimate investment in feather-light bedding that provides the utmost warmth. Our microfiber filled duvet and pillow range is perfect for those seeking the luxurious feel of down but who are sensitive to natural products.

Our pure cotton covered duvets come in tog ratings of lightweight 4.5 to extra warm 13.5, as well as duo packs that ensure you have the bedding you need for both summer and winter. Adding extra comfort to your night's sleep, our 100% natural cotton quilted mattress and pillow protectors keep your bedding fresh and prolong the life of your mattress and pillows too.

Invest in true warmth and comfort with our luxurious duvet and pillow range. They're the perfect match for our beautiful bedspreads, blankets, duvet covers and cushions.