Laura Ashley

Environmental Policy

Laura Ashley recognises our responsibility to minimise any potential adverse environmental impact of our operations and is committed to upholding its duties as a good corporate citizen for the greater benefit of the communities in which we operate. This environmental policy forms part of our overall policy on Corporate Responsibility.

Due to the diverse nature of the business this Policy is a guideline for the different divisions within Laura Ashley who are encouraged to adopt a policy specific to their environmental impacts.

Laura Ashley will monitor the effectiveness of this Policy and will ensure that it is reviewed annually and implemented throughout the group.

Laura Ashley will take a pro-active and balanced approach to managing our business activities in an environmentally responsible way. We are committed to:

  • A programme of continual environmental improvement by encouraging the adoption of business specific environmental management systems.
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, other environmental regulations and standards of relevance to the industry sectors in which we operate.
  • The prevention of pollution and reducing any impacts of the Group's operations on the environment and local community.
  • Developing objectives and targets to manage all potentially significant environmental impacts.
  • Developing meaningful indicators for the group and encouraging divisions of Laura Ashley to report on energy, waste and fuel consumption.
  • Operating and maintaining company vehicles as far as reasonably practical with due regard to environmental issues.
  • Operating wherever possible using substances and plant which will not significantly affect the environment and to assessing in advance the environmental impact of any new processes or products.
  • Monitoring waste production (products and packaging) within all divisions, and seeking to reduce, reuse and recycle waste where possible.
  • Encouraging suppliers and contractors to implement policies that protect the environment.
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