Door Knobs

When decorating or improving your home, it's often the finer details which can make the biggest impact. Once you've chosen the colour scheme and general design of a room, choosing the right accompaniments and accessories is key, and at Laura Ashley we make sure that the finer points are given the care and attention they deserve.

Door Knobs

For getting the right look for any room in the home, our selection of door knobs come in brass, ceramic, glass and metal finishes, and you can choose from central turning knobs, or lever type handles. We also have a lovely range of door accessories, such as letterboxes, knockers and door pulls, for improving both your interior and exterior doors.

To let in a summer breeze or keep an eye on your kids from another room, our charming door stops will both prop open your doors and add character and fun to the room. Available in cute animal models or more traditional blocks, they’re a great way of making your home feel more open.

And nothing quite greets guests at the front door like a well placed doormat. Our range of doormats are available with a number of designs, and with everything from a simple rustic look to floral or animal prints, there's something to match every home.