Table Lamps

Use table lamps to bring soft, intimate atmosphere to any room. Whether you want contemporary or classic style, you will find something to help enhance the character of your room among our wide variety of table lamp looks. Create a focus point by placing one beside a statement desk or chair, or simply ensure each are of your room is cheerfully illuminated.

Table Lamps

Laura Ashley has created a range of table lamps that are the perfect fit for our home collection - from timeless country to city dwelling. From ornate feature lights to subtle bedside lamps, it's easy to get the mood just right. Make a statement with our bold and elegant Piper Shell, Swan and Pineapple designs. Get practical with our folding desk lamps. And get crafty with our innovative Marina Jar lamp that functions as on-trend storage, as well as beautifully illuminating your home or workspace.

Our lampshades use a range of design features - like cut crystal glass shades, delicate pierced shade designs, and pearlised inner shade finishes - to disperse light perfectly and transform any room. Our table lamp range fits a selection of candle, golf ball, and standard bulbs too.

From tall, standing lamps and quirky statement pieces to discreet, minimalist designs and sizes - whatever your space, you'll find a Laura Ashley light to match. For more ways to bring your rooms to life, take a look at our full range of lighting accessories and unique tableware.