Rug Types Buying Guide

Rug Types


  • Usually fashioned from wool, the rugs are constructed by binding wool fibres to the base and then cutting (by machine or hand) to create a soft pile.
  • Made in india.


  • Generally made from cotton: fibres are woven and bound together to create a flat rug surface.
  • Made in india or Belgium.

Cleaning & Care

  • Please always refer to the specific care label.
  • We recommend that our rugs are professionally cleaned in situ.
  • Cotton weave rugs may be dry cleaned or in some cases washed.
  • Blot spills with a clean damp cloth, do not rub.
  • Some shedding on wool rugs is to be expected, this will reduce over time and may be assisted by vacuuming.
  • Turn rugs regularly to promote even wear.
  • Regardless of your floor surface, we recommend the use of underlay to prevent a puckered appearance or slipping.