Guardsman Protection Plan

Guardsman Protection Plan

Buying new furniture is an investment that you will want to stay looking good for years to come. Little accidents such as spills, rips and scratches can permanently spoil your furniture. Even the protective treatment applied to upholstery fabrics can only give a measure of protection from accidents. Taking out the 5 year Guardsman Protection Plan on your new furniture means you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your furniture is protected against those little mishaps.

1. Where is my order?

The Guardsman Protection Plan can offer you peace of mind for your new cabinet, fabric or leather furniture and is available from your Laura Ashley store, by phone and online.

Ask or look out for the Guardsman 5 year Protection Plan when purchasing your new furniture.

Plans available are:

  • Fabric Plus: for fabric upholstered furniture
  • Leather Plus: for leather upholstered furniture
  • Cabinet Platinum: for dining, living room and bedroom furniture

Your Guardsman Protection Plan certificate will be received a few weeks after delivery.

The 5-year Guardsman Protection Plan works as soon as your new furniture is delivered to your home.Your new upholstered furniture will arrive having been treated with the anti-stain protector (excludes Caitlyn, Etienne, Matilda, Murano, Peony, Verity, and Villandry which are not suitable for the Guardsman treatment, Fabric Plus Dry policy is available on these fabrics)

If damage occurs during the 5-year period simply call the Guardsman claims number for advice on how to deal with the situation.If necessary, a furniture care professional will be sent to your home to rectify the problem, and if the problem cannot be rectified then Guardsman will replace the affected area+.

The Guardsman Protection Plan covers you for:

(Dependant on the Protection Plan sold)

Stains, including***:

  • Dye transfer
  • Food, including curry
  • Glue, including superglue
  • Paint, bleach, acids and corrosives
  • Drinks, including red wine
  • Wax and wax polish and more

Accidental Damage, including**:

  • Pet scratches (not as a result of a build-up)
  • Rips, tears or burns
  • Dents
  • Water marks and heat rings and more

Structural Defects, including***:

  • Frame damage, joint breakage
  • Lifting or peeling of veneer
  • Rail blocks and bolts on arms and more

Cabinet Pricing Structure

Dining & Bedroom Platinum, the cabinet furniture Protection Plan, depends on the value of your purchase:

£1 to £500 £50 +£500 to £1000 £100 +£1000 £150

Please note: Guardsman Protection Plan is not available on self-assembly furniture, beds and mirrors.

To find out more

UK Returns and Cancellations

For our free leaflet giving full details on the other benefits of Guardsman protection, and including additional help and advice on upholstery care and maintenance, call us and request one on 03332 008 009 (Please note that calls may be monitored or recorded. Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras but may cost more from a mobile phone) or ask in store.


* The Guardsman claims number will be printed on your Protection Plan documents
** Dependant on the Protection Plan sold
*** Excludes garden Furniture such as Windsor
+ Please note: an exact colour or pattern match cannot be guaranteed

Please note Pimlico, Verity, Brooklyn, Caitlyn, Ellison, Aidan, Empire, Matilda, Villandry, and leathers are not given antistain protector due to the nature of the fabric or leather. The Fabric Plus Dry policy is available on these fabrics

A Few Care Tips...

Guardsman and Laura Ashley have put together a few quick care tips to help keep your new furniture looking its best. The life and appearance of your furnishings will be maximised by regular maintenance. Follow the tips below to see how:

Fabric and Leather Upholstery:

  • Vacuum fabric upholstery regularly to remove dust and dirt.
  • Clean fabric covers at least every 12-18 months. Safeclean (0800 585 693), Guardsman's own Furniture Care Specialists provide professional and expert cleaning care service.
  • Use the Laura Ashley Leather Care Kit on leather furniture (excludes Colorado Leather). Do not use cleaning or baby wipes as this could damage the leather and will invalidate your Guardsman Protection Plan.
  • Plump cushions vigorously and periodically, reverse and rotate all loose cushions or pads as applicable by following the Information and Care Guide delivered with your furniture.

On Cabinet:

  • Dust frequently using a soft, lint free absorbent cloth. Avoid using wax and silicone polishes. Maintain any special finishes such as oiling, by following the Information and Care Guide delivered with your furniture.
  • Rotate accessories on furniture so they don't sit in the same place all the time.
  • Use pads, cloths or felt to protect fine finishes from rubber feet, hot dishes, beverages and vases etc.
  • Lift and place objects, do not drag them across the surface of the furniture.

All Furniture

  • Avoid contact with chemicals e.g. hair products and sun cream
  • Remove spills immediately. Blot liquid spills with a clean, dry, white cloth. Work towards the centre of the spill. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners as this may damage your furniture and will void your Guardsman Protection Plan.
  • Should a spill result in a stain, follow the Guardsman claims procedure which can be found on the back of the Protection Plan document, or seek professional advice.
  • Lift furniture don't drag to avoid damage to legs and joints.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to help maintain its colour for longer.
  • Avoid exposure to excessively high or low temperatures or damp conditions.