Mattresses buying guide


Over one third of your life is spent in bed. In other words you will have spent 15 years in bed by the time you reach the age of 45, so it's very important that you choose the right mattress for you.

Laura Ashley mattresses are made with great care and attention to produce distinctive pieces that will bring comfort and pleasure for years to come. We offer a range of options to compliment our elegant range of beds.

  • Laura Ashley mattresses are made using high quality materials, and feature covers from our beautiful fabric collection.
  • We offer a choice of sizes to suit all needs, single 3ft, double 4ft, large double 5ft.
  • Our mattresses offer a selection of features to choose from which include, hand tufting with woollen or felt tufts, pocket springs or open coils with spring insulators, reflex foam, micro quilted borders or hand stitching.
  • Some of our beds are sold complete with mattress included, whilst others are sold separately to allow you the flexibility to mix and match your own bed and mattress.
  • We offer a wide range of quality beds to ensure your complete satisfaction; full details are available on this website or in the Laura Ashley catalogue.
  • With careful use these finely made mattresses will give many years of satisfaction.

Types of Mattresses & Features

How your mattress feels will depend on the springs and fillings.

Features of Mattresses

  • Hand Tufting - This traditional skill ensures that all the fillings in your mattress are secured to provide the perfect sleeping surface and a tailored finish.
  • Hand Side Stitching - Skilled craftsmen use unique upholstery needles to hand side stitch mattress borders. This lengthy process gives the necessary rigidity and support to the mattress walls, thus extending the sleeping area to the edge of the mattress.
  • Spring Insulators - A strong robust felt is used to insulate the actual springs within these mattresses
  • Open Coil - The finest wire is used to produce a continuous link of open coil springs. This spring unit is strong, durable and offers superb resilience for a traditional feel.
  • Pocket Sprung - These are individually pocketed springs which work independently to shape to the body providing superb resilience and optimum comfort and support. Coiled metal springs provide excellent support because only the springs on which weight are placed actually move.
  • Reflex Foam - This strong resilient foam provides a supportive feel, it is treated with fire retardancy for your safety.
  • Mattress Handles - Laura Ashley mattresses have strong, durable flag stitched handles to allow easy turning.
  • Highest Quality Ticking - Keeps the mattress cool and allows it to breathe keeping the mattress ventilated.

Mattress Size

  • Laura Ashley offers a wide range of quality mattresses compatible with our bed collection, which meet industry standard sizes.
  • Please ensure that the mattress you select will fit your chosen bed before purchase.
  • After delivery please allow time for your mattress to settle back into its specified dimensions once placed flat on your chosen bed.
  • When using our mattresses with non Laura Ashley beds we recommend the clearance between each slat should not exceed 6.5cm as this may affect performance.
  • Day beds require specific mattress sizes and are usually sold complete.
  • It is normal on slatted beds to experience some slight movement of the mattress on the smooth slats.

Maintenance and Care Instructions

To help prolong the life of your Mattress or Divan we advise the following:


  • The mattress or divan can be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuumed.
  • Never use detergent of chemical cleaner on the bed fabric as this can cause staining, bleaching and damage to the material and fillings.


Divan Storage and Use

Divan units with draws offer ample storage. Draw loads should not exceed 15kg as this may restrict use and cause damage. Ensure the divan section connectors are securely in place.


  • We strongly recommend that you prevent liquid coming into contact with the mattress or divan surface and fillings, as this can cause damage.
  • The use of a mattress protector offers some additional protection from soiling.
  • Laura Ashley offers a range of machine washable mattress and pillow protectors see the catalogue or for details.

Protecting the Shape and Comfort of Your Mattress

  • We recommend you do not fold or roll your mattress as this will damage the vital edge support and may buckle or twist the spring unit.
  • Avoid using the edge of your mattress or divan as a seat; as such localized pressure on the interior may eventually spoil its shape and comfort.
  • All mattresses and divans will show evidence of body decompression after use, and this is a normal feature of all mattresses and not a defect.
  • Sprung mattresses in particular because of the spring characteristics and layers of upholstery will compress where springs mould to body shape and weight, most noticeably in the centre of the mattress where weight is concentrated.

Following the guidelines above will ensure product performance is maintained. Laura Ashley is not responsible for defects caused by the misuse of your product or where the unit is in an unhygienic or stained condition.