Fitting Instructions: Window Film

Before you begin

Please open your package and check the film carefully. If you find any creases, tears or other defects, please contact us immediately for advice. Do not remove the backing sheet or attempt to fit your film if you think it is faulty.

You will need

To complete your installation, you will need: a plant spray bottle and a small quantity of washing up liquid, sharp scissors, a sharp knife or blade, a tape measure and paper towels. You will also require the plastic squeegee which is supplied with your order.

Prepare your window

A clean window is vital to a successful installation, so take the time to clean your glass thoroughly before beginning the fitting process.

Fill your spray bottle with water and add a few drops of washing up liquid.

Fit your film

  1. Measure your window and note down the measurements. Carefully unroll your film onto a clean, flat surface with the backing sheet facing upwards. Mask out the size of your window on the back, starting in the centre to ensure the design is central.
  2. Using the sharp scissors, cut your film to a size slightly larger than your window.
  3. Next, remove the clear backing sheet. Use two small pieces of masking tape to separate the backing sheet from the film. Ensure you remove the sheet in a slow and steady fashion.
  4. Having removed the backing sheet, use your spray bottle to cover the entire surface of the film with soapy water solution. This helps to prevent the film becoming tangled and sticking to itself. Cover the entire surface of your window with the soapy water solution. The nature of the soapy water allows the film to be manoeuvred into place.
  5. Pick up your film, and apply it to your window. The soapy water solution on the film and the glass will allow you to slide it into the correct position.
  6. Once in place, spray the entire surface of the film with water. This prevents friction between the squeegee and the film. Then use your squeegee to push out any water or bubbles to the edge of the pane. Start at the top of the pane, and work methodically down the glass.
  7. Use your sharp blade to carefully trim the excess film at the edges, using the window frame as a guide. Your plastic squeegee also provides a helpful edge to cut against.
  8. Once the excess film has been trimmed and removed, spray the film with the soapy water solution again, and then repeat the squeegee process, using the squeegee to push any remaining moisture or bubbles to the edge of the window.
  9. Finally use paper towels to dry the window and the frame, being careful not to lift the film at the edges or corners.

Watch the Video Instructions.