Silver Serenity

Updating our archive florals, Silver Serenity centres on our Beatrice and Honeysuckle motifs, recoloured in a sleek and romantic palette of warm greys, blush pink, cyclamen and silver.

Silver Serenity Roomset

Our new Swans print adds a sophisticated, yet conversational touch with gift items and lighting coordinating with the print. Grey furniture ranges like Clifton and Provencal work beautifully within this story, as do our mirrored Arielle, Charleston and Capri for added glamour. Lighting features chrome and glass finishes with chandeliers building on the opulent theme. New embroidery techniques, ribbon work and piping provide extra richness and texture for living and bedrooms in the form of cosy throws and cushions. Accessories centre on bedroom luxuries like quilted hangers, jewellery rolls, scented hearts and laundry bags, bringing an added element of indulgence to the range.